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First of all -- omg. This fandom never ceases to amaze me. I love fandom and I definitely love the people in it. That said, thank you so, so much to [ profile] aurora_84 for being awesome and amazing and so, so generous! And another thank you to [ profile] highd for their generous donations. I appreciate it more than you know and I am looking forward to keeping the site open and adding more to it in the future.

I certainly don't expect people to donate. I have trouble asking for that kind of thing but I know how incredibly generous fandom is and people have your back when you're in fandom. I do have that donate button on the page but I really don't expect people to give and like I said, it's difficult for me to ask especially since there have been previous (recent) moments of generosity. I do want to say thank you though and thanks for helping me with it. Thank you!

Now on to the Queer as Folk Meme since we're Queer as Folkin' it up over here. I don't think that I started this on the 1st of the month but I'm just gonna go with the days on the meme.

Day 24 - Your favorite QaF quote

I'm gonna go with an oldie but a goodie! Debbie: "Mourn the losses because they're many, but celebrate the victories because they're few." This just sounds like it should be a famous quote but I like the way that she said it, cheering up Emmett, wanting him to celebrate this victory even though he'd been sad because of what he'd been going through with Ted. Like I said, the end of S3 was pretty epic.

Day 25 - Your favorite QaF one-liner

Er. There have been many. "What kind of homosexual are you?" - "The kind that fucks men."
"I just saw the face of God."
"I like dick."

... and now I'm thinking about all the S1 quotes. There have been many. They were good for that.

Day 26 - Your favorite advice or wisdom from the show

LOL wisdom? Brian wants Justin safe. He wants him safe for a long time. That's all.

Day 27 - Your favorite QaF fanvid

Omg, omg. My very, very first QaF fanvid was on Tool Lunatics site and I still get wibbly when I think of "After All". It wasn't even the best but it was my first. But, I think (one of my) favorites will always be Affirmation by [ profile] f1renze. It was perfect. That song was meant for the show. Also, Defying Gravity by [ profile] bea_nonymous was meant for Justin.

And that video that used Plow Monday's "Blank" and then there was the SR-71 "My World" which still makes me weep whenever I think about it. I just loved our fanvids. I think I'm gonna have to break out that disc and watch them all.

Day 28 - Your favorite QaF fanfic


Okay, I hold the title with [ profile] url_girl and most of my flist but still. I love everything here. There. That's my list. As if I could pick a favorite. It's not happening.

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Behind, behind, behind.

Day 17 - A scene that makes you angry/pissed you off

There are a few but one in particular stands out. During the cancer arc when Michael and Justin are talking and Michael says, "DON'T TELL HIM THAT YOU KNOW." And then two seconds later, when he's weeping like two-year-old on the floor, he says something like, "I don't want you to die!" Oh. My. God. Fuck you, Michael. I've never wanted to punch someone more than in that moment. It isn't all about you. Surprise, surprise. And yet Justin gets punished for it? Christ. What Michael said in 301 about leaving Justin to die made me punchy but I felt satisfied since Brian punched him in the face (and shouldn't have forgiven him that easily).

Day 18 - Something that you wish never happened

Uh, how about? Let's get married ... PSYCH. JUST KIDDING. WE'RE NOT GONNA DO IT. I've never been so high on happy fumes and brought down faster than fast. I didn't want to see them split up at the end even though now we're supposed to "know" that they're together. I'll take what Randy says more than anything Cow Fucking Lip will say so I'm content knowing that he thinks that they're together in the end. It's not as if I was ever unsure. I'm not. I just didn't want to see it.

Day 19 - Something that you wish happened but didn’t

I wish that S4 and S5 was kept as consistent as the previous seasons but they didn't. I wish that they wouldn't have let real life influence THE LAST SEASON OF THE SHOW. I wish that [ profile] lady_jane's Inferno actually happened. The Bestie actually brought me to that story and it became our new canon. The way that she made Justin react to the Brandon incident was just true to life and that would've been the more realistic approach but y'know, people get stupid when they think they have power. Cowlip.

Day 20 - Your favorite Debbie t-shirt

Oh man. I forgot the episode but it was like, seen the show, read the story, done the musical? Something like that. It had the word musical in it. Therefore, that shirt was made of win.

Day 21 - Your favorite outfit worn on the show

Oh my god. Brian in that suit when he was getting sued by Kip. It was that fitted shirt, the long brown coat, and fitted pants. He just looked so long in that suit and hot. Oh and of course THE PANTS that Gale had to get sewn into during the party for the Senator. Oh and Brian's red -- okay, a lot of Brian's outfits.

Day 22 - Your favorite song from the show

How do I pick just one? One of the thing things about fandom was finding all the songs that they used in the show. I gave up in S5 but many of the songs in the previous seasons have been fantastic. I mean, I say "Filthy Mind" and you know what I'm talking about. But there's also Rufus Wainwright's Poses, Sketch by Kurt Swinghammer, Wild Sweet Cool by Crystal Method in 205. A lot of great music.

Day 23 - Your favorite place
This question makes no sense. I changed it.

Day 23 - Who's Your Favorite Trick?

I have two! I love the art kid from the episode where Jennifer takes Justin to the art gallery. God, I wanted to see them get it on in the bathroom. Then, the second is the waiter from the episode where they throw the Senator a party. Brian took him up the stairs, they started making out in the hallway, AND I WANTED TO SEE MORE.

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Omg. Yes. I am behind by a lot. Let's play catch up!

Starting with Day 7. )

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Day 6 - Your favorite storyline

Oh man. [ profile] lady_jane said the Pink Posse and I laffed and laffed. Even when Cody was screaming "suck it" I was laughing my ass off.

Um. I really loved the Stockwell arc. It really all began with Jason Kemp's murder in Season Two and at first I thought that that was just a throw away idea about the dangers of walking off with someone you barely know. But, it turned into so much more than that. That was something that Brian became really passionate about. First it was for purely selfish reasons and then he remembered that he had a heart lodged somewhere inside and there was such a change in him. It brought Brian and Justin together, he was able to help Ted (even though he caused that little problem) and we got that great pleading scene from Emmett. Everyone was involved and it really solidified the group as a whole (with the exception of Ted).

Like I said, one of my favorite aspects of this show for me were the ensemble scenes, the scenes that demonstrated an obvious friendship between all of them that gradually disappeared in Season 4 and Season 5. But within Season 3, it really pulled everyone together and I guess we have the Stockwell storyline to thank for that.

That's really just one storyline. I liked a lot of them.

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Day 5 - Your favorite QaF season finale

Season 3's finale was pretty perfect. It was perfect. It wrapped up everyone's storylines, Brian and Justin ended happily, and the whole last scene was one big celebration. It left you feel optimistic and I definitely anticipated the next season.

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First of all? My new computer is so awesome. \o/ I never knew technology could be so good. *drools*

Day 4 - Your favorite QaF season intro episode

Hmm, season intro? I don't remember S5's. I think S4 started with Chanda? That was fun. But, my favorite is probably good old S1. Babylon and the introduction into that world. That hooked me.

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Day 2 - Your favorite QaF season

I'm caught between the establishing Season 1, Season 2 episodes 1-15, and Season 3 as a whole. How do you go wrong with Season 1? Everything seemed so well-rounded. There was a perfect balance between all the storylines and I never felt like one particularly intentionally overshadowed the other. By that, I mean, Brian and Justin kind of broke through in a dominating way but I thought that there was a pretty even balance. They managed this throughout even until Season 3.

I really liked Season 2 up until the sudden change in episode 216 that made absolutely no sense.

If I could disregard 216 to 220, Season 3 made a lot of sense. I liked the drama and angst at the beginning up until the way that Brian and Justin reunited in 308. They were growing together and they were growing as characters.

It ended on such a positive note.

I highly recommend any [ profile] ohfreckle's gorgeous icons to get your QaF fix from any season!

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