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Oh, hi, LiveJournal. It's been a minute, hasn't it? Everyone's just kind of all over the place and I utilize all kinds of social media that I haven't revisited my old haunts. But I wanted to today! I really want to try to get into the habit of writing. I need to start posting on my site more and start using that. If you want to follow me over there, that's where I'll be! I'll provide the link at the bottom. For now, let's talk about Mother's Day. Every year, I try to take my mom somewhere new, somewhere nice. And we've never been to The Melting Pot before so we decided to give that a shot. There used to be one closer to us in Pasadena and we've never been there so we went to the one over in Thousand Oaks. They were open for lunch for the day, which works for my mom since we both like just going out for lunch and hanging out in the afternoon. Besides, Game of Thrones was on in the afternoon.

Warning: Food Photos. You'll be hungry after viewing. )

Never been to Melting Pot before and I walked away pretty pleased. Yes, it's expensive. I think my brain temporarily short-circuited after looking at the bill because I couldn't figure out the tip to add. As we drove away from the restaurant, I realized that I had been short on the tip, and felt incredibly guilty. The little devil on my shoulder said, "It's okay. You'll never go back. Just leave." The bigger angel on my shoulder said, "Are you fucking crazy? Why would you do that to someone? CALL THEM WHEN YOU GET HOME." What did I end up doing? I called them when I got home to add to the tip. I'm not that terrible.

But I pay for the experience to dip things. I love fondue. There aren't restaurants that cater specifically to the idea of fondue and I love it. Everything tasted fresh. The chicken and steak were my favorite parts of the entree. The chocolate was fantastic. How could it not be? The girl at the front desk was adorable. Our server was really, really great. Everyone seemed discombobulated that it was lunch and not dinner since they're usually only open for dinner. We were greeted with a, "I hope you're having a great night." They were charming errors. No complaints here and my mother still talks about what a wonderful experience she had. So we're looking forward to going back! Hope other celebrants had wonderful days, as well.

I can't say with confidence that I'll post here regularly at all, but I am looking to reengage my site and considering an interview part of the site that'll feature different artists that I admire. I've purchased a lot over pop art over the years and there are some talented artists that definitely need to be featured somewhere. That's in the works! For now, visit to see what I'm up to and my recaps from events I've been to last year. Until next time, LJ!

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Well, my day was wonderfully relaxing. Started the day with the annual Disney Parks Christmas Parade on ABC followed by viewings of Home Alone, a Disney movie, Babes In Toyland (live action 60s version), and the Santa Clause. I went straight from the Christmas movies to the fandom stuff starting with the Doctor Who Christmas special (ALL THE SOBBING), the Sherlock minisode (ALL OF THE SQUEEING), and finishing right now with Downton. I'm holding back my opinion until it's all over but I don't have strong opinions of S4, anyway.

Feel free to talk to me about the shows! Spoilers will be abound if you haven't seen them yet. I still have to get back to other comments and messages. My work schedule this week has been particularly wacky. It's been one day off and one day there and it's pretty tiring. All I want to do is stay home and have two days off in a row. Thankfully, I'll have that next week and I am looking forward to it.

As for gifts and greetings, I bought myself the complete Home Improvement DVD set on amazon today since they were all on sale. Joy! Can't wait to get them so I can watch them. But I still have my new Sherlock blu-rays to watch. So many things to watch! Not enough time! I already need another vacay, haha.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! What'd your hauls look like?

Christmas lunch: baked potatoes, turkey, gravy, my mom's caldereta (Filipino dish), homemade spinach pies (first time I made them and they were delish), and hot apple cider enhanced by this mix I bought at the Biltmore on vacay this year in North Carolina. The cider was particularly good. Nom nom.

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It sort of defeats the purpose of blogging once a day but some days you just can't. Here, have a photo from the Saving Mr. Banks event.


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I wonder what they sang. Pictures here. Icons must be made.

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I love my high school. It had its moments. We're just kids when we go there and we go through so many transitional things when we're there but those were some of the best years of my life. I had such an incredible time. I made life long friends in high school. I know that I'm going to have these friendships for the rest of my life.

Not only that but it was probably the best education that I could possibly receive at that age at that particular institution. I was very, very prepared for college to the point where I was doing everything over again or at least I could structure an essay and get through those pretty quickly. I told that to Ms. Wallior
(our strict English teacher) when we went back to visit a year later and she was surprised.

Loretto became our own sorority. It was a sorority of women who formed bonds, gained an education, friendships, memories. I can't believe that it's shutting down. I can't believe that we weren't notified. I can't believe that they didn't try harder to keep the school open. We didn't even know about it!

Being Loretto girls changed our lives and it definitely changed mine for the better. So, to my Loretto girls, especially the Pink Pixies Class of '03 here are a list of insider thoughts: thank you and goodnight, cookie bars, pasta salad, rigatoni and garlic bread, the hamster dance, the love shack, senior silent retreat, junior retreat ...

What else is there to add ladies?

I hope that we all have the opportunity to say goodbye. I hope that they can give us that. I hope that we can all come together one more time as we've always come together as a community to express our emotions and our feelings.

Here are only some of us! Many, many more pictures on my facebook.

Thank you and goodnight, ladies.


Nov. 30th, 2008 10:17 pm
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Well, it's the final day of nablopomo and it's definitely been fun. I think that it's a challenge to try to write something every day but it did motivate me to write right away instead of waiting several days to say one little thing. I'll probably end up going back to that. I just like to think about what I'm going to say, compile, and then post it. That's just my way. It'd be neat to do something like this again though.

All of my November entries have been public and that's left me feeling very exposed. At the same time, I know that it's opened my journal to comments that I normally wouldn't receive, people that I don't often communicate with, and that's been really great. Maybe I'll keep it up and just lock the entries that really need to be locked. That's the plan, folks. That's the plan.

So, what did I do for the majority of my Thanksgiving break? I've been pretty consumed by Luke and Noah. I had plans to watch a couple of movies today but instead I decided that it's time to toss my old hard drives that I've literally been lagging around since 2003. Those are a lot of moves to be carrying around a couple of old towers.

There are a lot of old goodies that I found in the drives including some recordings of me on the radio. Yeah, I'll probably end up sharing those because they're embarrassing. They're a reminder that I was also like those crazy Jonas Brothers fans and said things that make me cringe today.

I'm also finally getting through the 5,000 questions survey that I started ages ago. Here are my answers for 301-400.

301-400 Questions. )

And I leave tonight with a photo of me being stupid at my aunt's bday party last week.

Toy Gun. No, I won't add 'Shiny'. That's a band. )

So, that's the finale of my November posts. If you like what you've read, feel free to stick around.

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Isaac Hanson is 28 years old today. That makes me feel old. He was 16 when he first came into the limelight and I think that he's much improved since then. Hanson show in Anaheim was great minus the drama and the pain. I'll think about writing a review for the show but I'd really not remember the things that I'm remembering. Saturday's show was fun because there was a lot of stuff from This Time Around when I stopped paying attention to them. I think the highlight was Runaway Run and In The City. Oh and ever since Saturday I can't get Matt Wertz songs out of my head. Unfortunately, I just want 'Heartbreaker' and it's on his album that isn't available for digital download. Downgrade.

Also, missing Jay Brannan tonight. He's playing in San Diego and there's no way I would've been able to make that show. Well, he'll be back in LA and I'll find something to bitch about when he does come this way.

I have some pictures of how horrible the weather was like on Saturday. Pictures from Disneyland underneath the cut.

Smoke, smoke everywhere. )

Crazy, right? Apparently our governor has the solution for the victims of the fire. That's a 1.9 billion dollar relief fund. Oh, and I'm sure he's going to sneak more taxes underneath the wire. Okay, WHY did we recall Grey Davis again? I know I didn't. I didn't vote in that crazy election since I wasn't registered but, still.

Luke and Noah tomorrow! Except I don't know if we'll be able to post how awesome it was because of the LJ blackout from 8 AM onward. Good thing I'm at work but I still regularly check LJ. Hopefully it'll be back when it says it'll be back. I do need to blog tomorrow. I'll try to get it in the minute I get to work just in case something goes "wrong". Yes, a complicated life I do lead.

Thinking about you today, Jon. Five years since I found out.


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