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Oh, hi, LiveJournal. It's been a minute, hasn't it? Everyone's just kind of all over the place and I utilize all kinds of social media that I haven't revisited my old haunts. But I wanted to today! I really want to try to get into the habit of writing. I need to start posting on my site more and start using that. If you want to follow me over there, that's where I'll be! I'll provide the link at the bottom. For now, let's talk about Mother's Day. Every year, I try to take my mom somewhere new, somewhere nice. And we've never been to The Melting Pot before so we decided to give that a shot. There used to be one closer to us in Pasadena and we've never been there so we went to the one over in Thousand Oaks. They were open for lunch for the day, which works for my mom since we both like just going out for lunch and hanging out in the afternoon. Besides, Game of Thrones was on in the afternoon.

Warning: Food Photos. You'll be hungry after viewing. )

Never been to Melting Pot before and I walked away pretty pleased. Yes, it's expensive. I think my brain temporarily short-circuited after looking at the bill because I couldn't figure out the tip to add. As we drove away from the restaurant, I realized that I had been short on the tip, and felt incredibly guilty. The little devil on my shoulder said, "It's okay. You'll never go back. Just leave." The bigger angel on my shoulder said, "Are you fucking crazy? Why would you do that to someone? CALL THEM WHEN YOU GET HOME." What did I end up doing? I called them when I got home to add to the tip. I'm not that terrible.

But I pay for the experience to dip things. I love fondue. There aren't restaurants that cater specifically to the idea of fondue and I love it. Everything tasted fresh. The chicken and steak were my favorite parts of the entree. The chocolate was fantastic. How could it not be? The girl at the front desk was adorable. Our server was really, really great. Everyone seemed discombobulated that it was lunch and not dinner since they're usually only open for dinner. We were greeted with a, "I hope you're having a great night." They were charming errors. No complaints here and my mother still talks about what a wonderful experience she had. So we're looking forward to going back! Hope other celebrants had wonderful days, as well.

I can't say with confidence that I'll post here regularly at all, but I am looking to reengage my site and considering an interview part of the site that'll feature different artists that I admire. I've purchased a lot over pop art over the years and there are some talented artists that definitely need to be featured somewhere. That's in the works! For now, visit to see what I'm up to and my recaps from events I've been to last year. Until next time, LJ!

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LJ friends can validate my existence. Any questions and comments can be directed to! :) Also, as a public announcement, sometimes I don't receive messages from LJ letting me know I have a PM. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It's hit or miss. So if anyone needs to contact me, you can always reach me by e-mail. Back to your regularly scheduled programs.

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I wasn't planning on writing an entry until I replied to a few of your comments but it's almost 6 in the morning and I am experiencing jet lag. I really thought that I beat it today since I woke up at 9 in the morning but I promptly fell asleep again at 10:30 and didn't wake up until almost 4. So, I'm thinking it's going to take a little while before I feel sleepy at normal hours again. No matter.

Well, I tried to go back in my LJ entries and I made it to skip 1220 before it told me that I couldn't go back any further. It stopped on February 22, 2010 and I just know that I missed tons and tons of interesting things between February 16-February 22. Here's your mission, friends list: CLUE ME IN! Tell me what I missed. Anything. Everything. Stuff that you may think is irrelevant but I don't think it is. Link me, write me, PM me, comment me, you name it. My curiosity is getting to me. Didn't Gale's play close sometime around there?

But, I will be responding to the entries I saved, reply to birthday posts/gifts/PMs, and trying to clear out my mailbox that appears to be overflowing with unopened e-mails.

Reminder: This is a public post! If you don't want someone to know that you're talking about them behind their back then I recommend that you post that elsewhere. :)

Anddddd, I still have to say that ILU guys, have missed you, and really, really enjoy just being in a room and not feeling like I'm going to have a heat stroke every two seconds. It's quite a refreshing change. ♥

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It is one Mr. Harrison's birthday today. Man doesn't look a day over twenty but he is now in his early thirties. Well, we're all still anticipating the multiple (NUMEROUS) convention reports from Paris. I'm giving everyone a day to come back from the convention and then I want to see nothing but posts with details. Everyone with me? Because back in the day, fandom did not fail. They had pictures, video, and extensive reports. Come on folks.

Um, in other news. Remember how I took my computer in for a repair just a couple of months ago? Well, guess what? I was using my laptop this morning as I usually do, sent my cousin an e-mail and then it shut down on me. It just shut down. There was no notice. I wasn't expecting it to happen and that caused me to go into complete panic mode.

I called Apple Support to get some help and after I got through with their troubleshoot techniques (that failed) their suggestion was to go to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store. Since it is the weekend I didn't have much hope that they were going to have an appointment time for today or even tomorrow but I had to try. The Apple Care representative didn't have any available times so I just decided to go to the mall to go try my luck.

The entire mall was closed when I got there but I waited about twenty minutes in front of the Apple store and they opened the doors. I bum rushed to the Genius Bar and of course, no appointment, no help. I looked sad, pathetic, saying that I've only had my laptop for a year (and indeed, I have) and just got it repaired last month so one of the store representatives tried his troubleshooting technique. Again, nothing.

I thought that they were going to send me on my way but thankfully, he got someone at the Genius Bar to help me since there was no one else there but me. I'm probably going to have to pay to save the data that I haven't saved before but the point is, without a Genius Bar appointment I managed to get some help and now my laptop is in for its second repair in the past couple of months.

Makes me feel really anxious since I really do love Apple. I love it. It's aesthetically pleasing, it's easy to use, it has every program that I could ever want, really helps with video editing, has amazing graphics, and there are no viruses. But, I've only had it for a year and it's already gone through two major repairs? Not only is that a complete downgrade but it's completely aggravating.

Aside from that, Jason Mraz review from last night coming right up! Maybe I'll post it tomorrow since that'll be nablopomo day three.

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Happy November everyone! It's November and everyone knows that that means NaNoWriMo but that also means National Blog Posting Month. You can click on the above link to check it out and see if anyone wants to sign up, join, be part of the party.

I'm blogging as an alternative to NaNoWriMo since I can never manage to get anything organized or out on time for it. I know that I'll never make that 50,000 word deadline. Took me a couple of years at one time to write anything past 30,000 words. So, I opt out and remain a cheerleader for anyone taking on that giant task.

Also in honor of posting daily, I've decided to keep my journal public for one month. I used to have a public journal just a couple of years ago and post my feelings openly for anyone to read and come across but that has its repercussions. People jump to conclusions because of maybe some vague entries and assume the worst when they don't know the full details.

People you know can read these public entries, use them to confront you because of something that you may have said and really, that's the reason that I closed it up in the first place! It's two years later, and I'm trying this experiment of keeping the journal open for one month and one month only.

For anyone who may be new to my journal, you can see that I do remain bound to my own true love, my OTP if you will, Queer as Folk and the Brian and Justin couple from that particular television show. If you'd like to see my interests, those are in my user info here. I write regularly about the television shows that I watch, personal daily life and the occasionally reminisce about Queer as Folk and the glory days.

I'm still going to keep certain entries private, locked to my friends list only but those public posts won't be lacking. So, hope everyone sticks around for the duration of the month just to see if I can do this posting daily thing!


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