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Since we're all fandom happy around here, I've got a fandomy question! For those fic junkies out there, what fics have made you cry? I'm a total lush so I cry a lot but there are a couple of stories that come to mind that I can't even read anymore because I know I'll end up sobbing. Okay, so maybe stories that make you sob or cry. Any fanfic that does that to you? Share them!

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So, I have this insatiable need for office fic. I love 308 for so many reasons and only one of those reasons is because Brian and Justin hide their relationship in a professional environment and that has a lot of potential to be fantastic.

Now, I read a couple good ones last night by [ profile] etharei ... not linking that username since I'm not even sure if that's spelled right. Those were the good ones. I read one that had potential in the beginning (edom) and then completely lost me in the middle.

You guys know what I like. So, fic recs. Please. Office.

That's probably why I like Making It uh, something Summer. I don't even care what it's about because I just like that they're in the office and being awesome together. Help please! Need well written office fic, office love, Brian and Justin in the office. Thanks!

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I told you guys I was feeling nostalgic so I read a lot of older fic that made me just continue in full nostalgia mode. I began the day (and am probably going to end the day) on [ profile] rhiannonhero's fanfic.

I literally read through all the RPS here and I have to say that there's enough of a difference in each fic that it doesn't get old or stale. Now, here's where I stand on RPS. I can distinguish real life from television. I'd never call Randy "Justin" (because I don't want to die an early death) or Gale "Brian". I know that Brian and Justin are on television and Gale and Randy are real people.

That said, I can totally picture them getting together in the manner that's presented to me by [ profile] rhiannonhero. Really, [ profile] amelialourdes? Really? No, not really! I mean in that fantasy world sense of them getting together. Not because I really believe that they're omgz meant 2 b 2gether forever type of a deal. Okay?

So, [ profile] rhiannonhero's RPS allows me to indulge in those temporary fantasies that just make things feel right. I think my favorites are Protection, Pine Away, Familiarity, and the Fanboy one just totally makes me LOL.

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I love the Luke and Noah story. I figure I'm just attracted to stories (television shows) featuring ridiculously good looking men who are involved in relationships with one another. I accept this.

But, as I've said a million times before, I have a standard when it comes to fic. I can't just read it and say, "BRILLIANT. WRITE MORE PLZ NOW!" without going through my mental check list of why I like this fic.

That said, I finally ran into two good Luke and Noah stories that just made me melt a little in the totally awesome way.

Amazing Life & The Passing of the Storm

These were pimped in the [ profile] luke_noah community but they have to be seen by all. Both men totally in character, realistic scenarios spoken about, descriptive language that adds to the story, writing flows well together. Fantastic.

Two great Luke and Noah stories and one fantastic Queer as Folk story over the period of a week? Has my birthday come early or something?

EDIT: I AM SEARCHING FOR A BETA FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF MY QAF/10TH KINGDOM CROSSOVER. I need someone who can tell me what sucks, what I can do to fix it, someone to look over grammatical errors, etc. Don't be afraid to tell me it sucks. I already think it has a lot of problems but maybe with someone else's perspective I can salvage it. Help.

Fic rec.

Jun. 12th, 2009 07:59 am
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Thanks for the several responses I've gotten to this so please think about it and come back to the post!

But I titled this entry "fic rec" and you're going to get one. You guys know how picky I am with my fan fiction. I need it well written. I need the characters to resemble the ones originally developed in the show. I need an interesting plot.

That said, [ profile] hnyc does an absolutely fantastic job with her short vignettes in 18 Things (About Love). I highly, highly recommend that you check it out. I can't wait to see if she has a longer fic ready to go soon!

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Remember that fic that I have been looking for forever? I knew it was short and the little plot point was that Dr. Dave got killed after ruminating about the Brian and Justin relationship and was surprised they were still together?


It was someone whose fic I worship. It's [ profile] burnitbackwards "twenty-two ficlets in a week", #13.

May I say that I find it really strange that I'm the only one who remembers this? Where was everyone the summer of 2004? I know that I was on my computer reading every fanfic I came across that's for darn sure!

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So, one day while doing nothing I decided to take a trip down memory lane and do some re-reading. I told myself I'd do it before but now I'm actually doing it. I chose Myrna's series to read over because I feel like having my heart broken.

First observation is that she said she hated Brian but she sure put Justin in some pain! First, she made him have a brain tumor and then she made him blind. I read the brain tumor one first. Stories cut for spoilers.

The One Where Justin Has A Brain Tumor. )

I also read Randall's last full fiction, Silence and Tears. You can find that in his journal for the story: [ profile] rand_alt.

Is anything ever going to well for these two? )

I don't know where any of this came from. It's just here so read and enjoy.

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I'll get back to you tomorrow. It's been one of those days.

As a distraction, I'm reading fic. I've thought of two and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction:

1) What's the fic where Brian hesitates when saying that he loves Justin? I think it's in the loft and Gus is there and he asks if Brian loves Justin and Brian hesitates for a moment so Justin's hurting a little because of that. It was kind of a short fic.

2) I think Justin was in a wheelchair and living in Brian's loft? I know that there were several dozen fics with wheelchairs but this one stands out for some reason. I think Brian freaked out when Justin's caretaker took him out for a walk? Now that I think about it this could be blind!Justin. Need some confirmation on this.

Would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out. Thanks.

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Greetings all! Back again for part two of revisiting old Queer as Folk fan favorites. Okay, after giving it some thought this is called the Queer as Folk Nostalgia post series, right? Well, to be nostalgic it has to be fan fic of the past so I'm not going to rec anything that's currently happening in fandom. Everything posted here (from this post on) will be from the beginning of the show until the end (2005) and some change (2006 and maybe 2007 but that's stretching it).

Another little story to share. I went to the Book Soup signing in 2004 and standing there in line you have conversations with people, right? One of our first topics of conversation? Queer as Folk fanfiction. I remember one of the girls there, Sandy, told me that she loved Morpheus's fic and it was her favorite. I pretty much read everything that was out at the time and told her some of my favorites. See? Bonding over fanfic can make you great, fantastic friends. A lot of people who were in our fandom will certainly agree with that.

Now we're revisiting the authors that I looked over in the first post but have certainly not forgotten!

Edit (forgot this one). [ profile] _alantie: I can't even manage to delete her from my flist. I just can't even do it. I refuse to believe she isn't out there in the internet world somewhere. I hope she is. But her contribution to fandom other than really great artistic icons (and her lovely handmade Christmas cards) was fanfic. I think that the most well known of them all and the most curious is the Untitled Straight!Brian Fic. It's exactly what it says it is. But just when you think you can't think of Brian as straight? Think again. You can read that right here here.

Get all your nostalgic fic here! )

Hope you enjoyed this one! Also, please let me know if any link isn't working, if you're an author and you want your fic taken down, and for the Qaf fans and former fans link your favorite fic that wasn't included, comment, discuss, talk about your memories!

Go back to part one!

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So, I've made the decision to separate these posts by theme so the first theme is Fan Fiction! The Queer as Folk fandom has had a number of really wonderful authors throughout the show and post show as well. In my search for these gems, I came across several rec posts compiled throughout the years by once active members of this fandom. Basically, my work was done for me, haha. Doesn't mean that I can't add my own two cents and compile this list so that people can refer to these past fics.

I came into fandom in 2003. Season three had just ended and I was wondering about this show called "Queer as Folk". At that point I didn't even know if it was still on or had been renewed for another season but I was interested in watching it. After that first episode? I was hooked. I had to read everything that I could about this show. I went to the shoboards at the Showtime website, the Television Without Pity Forums that were doing recaps of episodes of Qaf, qaftalk boards, everywhere that I could.

During my research I came across several authors that already or had been developing a name for themselves in the Queer as Folk fandom.

Note: Whether these are too OOC for your taste or you consider them badfic or goodfic, these are the most memorable fics that I can pick out of the bunch. I'm not categorizing going to categorize them into (good) badfic because of the implication that may have nowadays. *nod*

1. First there was Morpheus. You can find Morpheus's fiction here. I think I remember starting with What Love Means and then back tracking.

2. I think that my first author that I really kept up with and was really intrigued by had been Randall.

No matter what you may think of Deconstructing Brian or the journals, this is the author that brought me to tears with The Seven Stages of Gus and made me smile with The Other Side of the Fence. I'll never forget feeling giddy with my best friend when we saw that a new chapter of The Quiet Men was posted but unfortunately was never completed.

3. I first found little clips and some videos on Ethan's site and then discovered that he writes too! Everything that I wished would happen or at least discussed are in Ethan's gapfillers. I mean seriously. Gapfillers galore. You can find them in the journal [ profile] xhaleslowly or to download all of the fic, [ profile] getithere's "DL Even More Fics Here" option on the sidebar will provide you with a link to download them in a .pdf version.

4. Who hasn't heard of the Abernathy Trilogy? Who hasn't? Because I think that this fic is asked for at least once a year in [ profile] getithere. Thankfully, you can find it here for you to enjoy from beginning to end. Brian is a small land owner in England and Justin is a slave with a strange tattoo on the back of his neck. Read it and love it.

5. Rachel Anton ([ profile] sparkledark) and Laura Blaurosen ([ profile] blaurosen). What comes to mind when hearing their names? Maps and Legends & the infamous teacher!fic. You can find all the chapters of teacher!fic here. Remember how excited we were as each chapter of teacher!fic emerged? I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about it. EDIT: Hope [ profile] sparkledark doesn't mind. Teacher!fic is locked in her journal so I've saved and archived the fic. DOWNLOAD TEACHER!FIC HERE (REPLACE HXXP WITH HTTP AND WHEN IT'S FINISHED DOWNLOADING REPLACE .PDF WITH .ZIP).

6. Two of my favorite shows are Queer as Folk and Dead Like Me and [ profile] nanowrenlet made my little cross over dream come true with the creation of Reaper Boy. Just start from the top and work your way to the bottom. Warning: Justin is dead. Don't let that deter you. Just go through his journey with him.

7. Okay, okay. These are my memories remember? So, one day I stumbled across Decadence by CrazyFairy and I never went back. Justin on the streets, Brian as a mob boss, and Michael as the evil!one. I guess I had a thing for time travel at the beginning of my Qaf adventure.

8. Danny. Oh, Danny. Look, when I needed Brian to be jealous? I got it here. You guys have to trust me on this one. Go here and if you're interested in the Jealousy series skip to the bottom. But, I'm biased and I like them all.

9. Now we're crossing into general fic that I remember reading when I got into the show pretty hardcore. This meant fic reading every week, bouncing off the walls when someone posted a new chapter, just a general air of excitement and happiness all around.

One of my favorite challenges of all universal time was the Grocery Store Challenge. That was a pretty shitty month in general for me but November 2003 brought The Grocery Store Challenge. Take your pick because they're all good. Oh, I do highlight Julad's Busy Week on the Fridge because after all this time it still never fails to make me laugh.

10. Speaking of challenges -- Snowin' and Blowin'. I'm skipping ahead to Christmas 2004 which was pretty much the best Christmas ever because of the talent that gathered together to create some of the best fic, videos, and graphics that fandom had seen gathered in one place. You can find mostly everything here. What else can I say about how great that time was? It just was. It was the brain child of [ profile] burnitbackwards and [ profile] reinabelle.

Now we're shifting into general awesome that I came across throughout fandom.

I think that several authors come to mind when talking about fan fiction in qaf fandom here on LiveJournal. Their names spread like wild fire among the masses and I think that we all learned to become familiar with them over the next few years:

[ profile] bea_nonymous: I think most think about Aida and her kick ass awesome fantastic videos but what about her brilliant times twenty fics? She even wrote one RECENTLY and it felt like a fucking Christmas miracle! That is how excited I get about them. Her descriptions, her characterizations, humor, absolutely top notch and I highly recommend. Her, "I'll Wait For You" will never fail to make me cry. Go read them here right now.

[ profile] bigboobedcanuck: Yeah right. Like I can pick one fic that I like of hers. I deem that task impossible. I think what stands out the most right now though is The Twelve Years of Christmas & From A Safe Distance. But that's just a dent in the wonderful fanfic that she's offered.

[ profile] burnitbackwards: Loved her. Loved everything about her and her fic. Every time that she posted I literally felt giddy. When Raw emerged we all collectively gasped. When To Know the Difference came out, one read wasn't enough. I needed another and another. I kind of lived for her ficlets. Brilliant. You can check out all of her fiction here.

[ profile] darksylvia: Leah, hey Leah. :D What a wonderful writer we had in our fandom. I can't tell you how many times I've read/still read Overheard, Domestic Tranquility, and since I'm a huge Friends fan you gotta love the cross over No More Ugly Naked Guy. But there weren't only these great finds. There was so much more to be had and you can find them here.

E and Erin, I'm combining as one because of their great fic 12 Days Of Christmas ([ profile] 12_days) and because of their general greatness as a pair. Unfortunately their site closed down um, unexpectedly I'd say. Thankfully, E's stories are still in their basic form here. I highly recommend Picture Imperfect: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Thanks to [ profile] flamencanyc! Erin's fic can be found here.

[ profile] eleveninches: Four words for you: International Brian Kinney Day. Go read it and read these while you're at it.

[ profile] jane2005: Jane's been a favorite for a while. I still find myself always going back to read Crisis and Inferno, the latter which is my fantasy season five. Crisis is definitely a personal favorite that never fails to make me cry like a little baby. I have no shame here. But really I have a lot of other favorites in here so check them out for yourself.

[ profile] julad: Busy Week on the Fridge! Mentioned it but it's also here at her site along with all of her other fic. Yes. I love "Love of His Life" because you know what? Post-S4 didn't we all kind of yearn for those more domestic moments that we ever saw and didn't see ever before that other Brian came along in S4? Yes. Great fandom writer.

[ profile] juteux: I don't think that she's written anything that I didn't like. Just one of those writers where I could go back and read over and over again. I can't even pick a favorite since there are a lot of stand outs. I'll say I love PDA for the Michael POV, Ready stands out because it's fucking amazing, The Difference ... told you. I can't pick. Can't find them all in one place but they're up on paddies site here in the fanfic section.

[ profile] lennongirl: Ani's fic always leaves me saying "guh". I mean I'm a woman of no words. I just end with a "guh". Overtime Supplement immediately comes to mind. One of my favorite voyeur fics from Ted's POV. Amazing. Family Date and Meet the Queers never fails to make me smile and think about that Kinney-Taylor family dynamic. Predictable is another one of my all time favorites. So, read them all! Read them all right now.

London: London's series are all definitely unique and tugs at your heart strings. London really takes you on an adventure from season three onward. It veers off course and just develops into this brand new version of the show. That's how I think of it. There's Ethan, other characters involved but I like that she really incorporates everyone in the story while remaining Brian/Justin centric. Go and read London's series here.

[ profile] mcpofife: I thought that this was going to be weird crack!fic that I never wanted to look at again but it isn't. Welcome to the Monkey House and My Animal are just fun stories when you need to take a break from all the incredible angst. You can find those in the memories here.

[ profile] mintwitch: I've never been so interested in ficlets or word of the day fic if it weren't for mintwitch. Every single one is memorable and incredibly well written. You can find it here.

[ profile] mojokid: I'm 100% sure that I've never quite fully recovered from her "How to be Dead". Warning, death fic but in a good way. Go read them all. No skipping.

[ profile] ragingpixie: Really fills my meter on the domesticity scale. There are just those writers that have it down, you know? Like, there are missing moments in the show when I think, "I wish that would happen" and [ profile] ragingpixie is one of those writers that completely fulfills any kind of craving that I may have for anything in canon. And her collaboration with [ profile] bigboobedcanuck is in my top ten. That's called The Long Way and you can find the rest of her fic here.

[ profile] reinabelle: Always left me wanting more. More! More! More! Why wasn't there more? Elemental Drifts and I Sing the Body Electric come to mind. You can find them here.

[ profile] rhiannonhero: I'm kind of a whore for future fic. I love the whole ... Brian and Justin are apart and come together again after years and years of separation. I've always loved that and Rhi captures my little fantasy perfectly in Forever Changes Everything. But it's been brought up to me that this isn't her only great fic and I completely agree. Discover which one that you like best. I'm a fan of most.

[ profile] seperis: I think that this is someone that I discovered yet again through someone else's recommendations or they were thanked in a fic or I just spotted the fic recommended by someone else. That's pretty much how I learned about mostly everyone on this list. But, yet another author that just got it right when it came to canon characters. You can find her fic here.

[ profile] soundczech: She wrote Stockholm Syndrome. Isn't that enough? Actually it started to be called something else. I guess now it's called "Love Is An Endurance Sport" but it was Stockholm Syndrome when I read it. You can read that here. Just fantastic. MAJOR FUCKING EDIT: GO READ SUBJECT TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW. I just did and my heart will not recover for days.

Part One
Part Two

[ profile] sweetestdrain: She's done a little bit of everything. There is beloved and total crack fic, there are ficlets, there are great non B/J writing. There's a little bit of everything for everyone's taste and ships (except for Brian and Michael unless you're looking for friendship fics). You can read all of it here.

[ profile] windtossed: Sometimes fics don't have to be epicly long to get the point across and I got my satisfaction from these fics. Always left me wanting more but I loved what we had while we had it. You can find them here.

Okay ... okay, and I'm putting rizabeau at the bottom here. I am, okay? The minute that I read about babies and twins my hormones must've been spinning because I said, "YES! BABIES! JUSTIN'S BABIES! AND BRIAN CLAIMING AND ALL THAT ANGST!!!111111ONEONEONE!!!" ... okay? Okay. That said, no I don't really enjoy the slow torturous way of every single detail written in long paragraphs and the word "baby" being thrown around and evil!Mikey and a really drawn out Melanie and Lindsay story but hey, BABIES AND THE B.B.B. You know you love it. You do. Don't even try it. Go read it here and start with Songs in the Key of Love.

- What fics here or what kind of feeling do you remember getting seeing new fic by your favorite author?
- Did you get giddy when you got warm, enthusiastic replies from your favorite fandom writer?
- What made your favorite fandom fic memorable?
- Did you enjoy the crack!fic, Mary Sues, mpreg?
- Do you miss these writers and fic as much as I do?

So, those are most of my memories. Believe me, I know that I'm missing a lot. I can see that when I'm looking in other users memory posts. I'm going to get to Myrna, msjudi, plumsuede, tricia, severina & twistinside, etc. But, this is why this is only part one of nostalgia post. There's a number two that's coming. Hopefully that'll be coming tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this one!

Go to part two!

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I plan on replying to everyone's comments tonight! Just wanted to get this posted for the day.

The day after turkey day is a day filled with wonderful left overs. I must not have made that much mashed potato because it's totally gone now. :( That and the turkey is quickly disappearing. So far still have ham, plenty of salad dressing and pie! That makes a pretty damn good meal. I made myself a great breakfast this morning. I'm still thinking about it. It reminds me of my dad since he used to make it. It's pan de sal, ham in the middle, toasted, butter on both sides of the pan de sal. It's just simple, nothing fancy or anything but he used to make it for breakfast. I don't know. Maybe he still does.

I've also been driving myself kind of nuts because around this time I'm always antsy to watch Pieces of April and of course this is the only time of the year that I can't find that tape.

I'm completely failing on my Thanksgiving weekend plans by not fulfilling anything that I've written on my list. Instead, I'm re-watching Luke and Noah clips and reading an incredible amount of fic. As is obsession, right? This isn't any different than waiting in anticipation for those holiday Brian/Justin fics to come out.

Randall's Thanksgiving one is a favorite of mine. Justin stuck in a kitchen trying to figure out a Thanksgiving feast. Can't go wrong.

I hope that everyone had a good day yesterday and today and that everyone is staying safe. A lot has gone wrong today and definitely in India. We all have a lot to be thankful for right now.


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