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We did it, we did it! Thank you everyone for your incredible generosity. I would've been grateful with $10 but you guys really went above and beyond and I appreciate that so much. As I stated in the previous entry, I'm putting it all here so that every dime is accounted for and so that you know where your money is going. I know the interwebs hasn't been so kind to people's generosity and I do not want to be one of those people. So let me break down the totals:

DreamHost hosting per month: $10.95
Total for the year: $131.40

Money Received --
US Dollars: $216.95
Other Currency: $80
Total Received: $296.95 (will alter with currency exchange to over $300)

Wow. When I see that total all laid out like that, it's really incredible, and again, I am so, so grateful to have anything at all and definitely grateful for your support. I'll be able to keep the site going for two plus years with everything received and that is amazing! I'm so blown away by it. Again, the money is going only to the site. The reason I asked for PayPal is because that's how I pay DreamHost every month. It's an easy transfer and it takes seconds. Now I'll be able to have something to put into that account every month, yay! It's certainly a large weight off of my shoulders and I have fandom to thank for that.

I really don't know how to thank you guys for this. You certainly have my appreciation and the promise that this site's going to stay up. Thank you again! You guys are ammmaaazzzinnnngggggg! ♥

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Well, my day was wonderfully relaxing. Started the day with the annual Disney Parks Christmas Parade on ABC followed by viewings of Home Alone, a Disney movie, Babes In Toyland (live action 60s version), and the Santa Clause. I went straight from the Christmas movies to the fandom stuff starting with the Doctor Who Christmas special (ALL THE SOBBING), the Sherlock minisode (ALL OF THE SQUEEING), and finishing right now with Downton. I'm holding back my opinion until it's all over but I don't have strong opinions of S4, anyway.

Feel free to talk to me about the shows! Spoilers will be abound if you haven't seen them yet. I still have to get back to other comments and messages. My work schedule this week has been particularly wacky. It's been one day off and one day there and it's pretty tiring. All I want to do is stay home and have two days off in a row. Thankfully, I'll have that next week and I am looking forward to it.

As for gifts and greetings, I bought myself the complete Home Improvement DVD set on amazon today since they were all on sale. Joy! Can't wait to get them so I can watch them. But I still have my new Sherlock blu-rays to watch. So many things to watch! Not enough time! I already need another vacay, haha.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! What'd your hauls look like?

Christmas lunch: baked potatoes, turkey, gravy, my mom's caldereta (Filipino dish), homemade spinach pies (first time I made them and they were delish), and hot apple cider enhanced by this mix I bought at the Biltmore on vacay this year in North Carolina. The cider was particularly good. Nom nom.

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Remember back in the day when we were all *click* "Yay! New wonderful fic! Oh my god. There's so many and they're all good. I don't really know where to go next!"

And then it was like, "Oh, okay. Show's over but look! New wave of people discovering the show!"

And then it was more like, *wades through tons of badfic* followed by *finds a rare gem of good fic* "Oh my god, you guys! There's a new fic writer and it's all shiny and new and GOOD!"

And then that new person is just all, "Later, Queer as Folk. Something shiny's over here."

And we go... :(

Well, here I am to say that I think we've found a winner.

[ profile] moonbrightnites suddenly popped up with her excellent taste in good fic and her eye for avoiding the bad ones and I knew that she was a good egg. Better, she writes fic. EVEN BETTER, YOU SAY? It is damn good. I'm throwing my rec out there for you to read everything she's ever written. I'm experiencing sleep deprivation because of it. I still need to read through most of it but what I have read? Yes. Just... yes.

Not only that but she has created a wonderfully, active community called [ profile] qaf_ficwriters which has inspired such a wide range of conversation topics such as pet peeves in fanfic, fan fiction summaries, and I'm very much looking forward to even more discussions. Personally, I'd love to get into banner vs. no-banner argument since banners were once used as indicators to avoid fic at all costs, it now seems like an acceptable practice. Me? I'm still against them. (This is not the place to discuss it. I'm just throwing out a topic.)

Even you long gone QaF writers, pop back in to take a look. Do it.


Y'all. I am not kidding. I will hunt all of you down until you read it and then talk about it with me.

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1. I watched Queer as Folk episode 101 last night and the nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a lot of warm and fuzzies and I can't wait to marathon the series when I have a little more time!

2. I also got sucked into a tumblr vortex for the past few days where I did nothing but get connected from tumblr to tumblr to tumble. Of course, ran into some gifs that I think are worth seeing. I'll start with a safe one and then dive into the not so safe for work ones.

Who doesn't love this speech? I believe in this.

Other QaF related gifs. )

I'll be back with a tumblr list.

3. I also totally became obsessed with Tangled the movie and got sucked into 10,000 Disney/Disneyland tumblrs. My favorite line from the movie?

"You're being strangely cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand."

I seriously died laughing.

I'm also probably going to do a Disney meme. One's a regular Disney themed meme and the other's a Disneyland meme. I do love them both so much. I'm Disney deprived, sigh.

Hope everyone who celebrates had a great Easter! This is the first Easter that I missed The Ten Commandments. I forgot it was on Saturday and I still don't own the movie. [ profile] cindergal, I hope you had a very happy birthday! Everyone have a great week. :D

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Let's all pretend this ends a second before the hand thing.


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Since we're all fandom happy around here, I've got a fandomy question! For those fic junkies out there, what fics have made you cry? I'm a total lush so I cry a lot but there are a couple of stories that come to mind that I can't even read anymore because I know I'll end up sobbing. Okay, so maybe stories that make you sob or cry. Any fanfic that does that to you? Share them!

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Wow! There are messages for more than 300+ people this year. Awesomesauce number, folks. I want to thank everyone who participated. I very much appreciate it. Thank you to [ profile] url_girl for the use of her awesome Valentine's Day icon, [ profile] severina2001 for starting this tradition and allowing me to continue to bring it all together, and this fandom for going strong. I have plenty of fandom love in me and I'm more than happy to do this year after year as long as it's wanted! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Numbers - J )

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Day 2 - Your favorite QaF season

I'm caught between the establishing Season 1, Season 2 episodes 1-15, and Season 3 as a whole. How do you go wrong with Season 1? Everything seemed so well-rounded. There was a perfect balance between all the storylines and I never felt like one particularly intentionally overshadowed the other. By that, I mean, Brian and Justin kind of broke through in a dominating way but I thought that there was a pretty even balance. They managed this throughout even until Season 3.

I really liked Season 2 up until the sudden change in episode 216 that made absolutely no sense.

If I could disregard 216 to 220, Season 3 made a lot of sense. I liked the drama and angst at the beginning up until the way that Brian and Justin reunited in 308. They were growing together and they were growing as characters.

It ended on such a positive note.

I highly recommend any [ profile] ohfreckle's gorgeous icons to get your QaF fix from any season!

The Meme. )

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Queer Eyes Archive

Hi everyone! I've been working on this little project for a while now and it's finally (kinda, sorta) done so I just want to put it out there into cyberspace. This is probably the ultimate nostalgic project of mine and you guys know how I am for nostalgia when it comes to that little fandom that started way back when.

My goal was to be able to preserve the Queer Eyes website as it was with complete content, everything on the site as it was. Queer Eyes does still exist but it's becoming its own entity now and I wanted to be able to preserve the website links and all, the way that people remember the site when it belonged to [ profile] paddies.

With [ profile] paddies blessing, permission, and use of the old files, I moved the content to my server, put all the links back up, fixed the inactive links, redirected the dead links, and made no additions or changes.

So, if you would like to visit the old site as it was, I welcome you to bookmark this link.

Any comments, concerns, questions can be left here in the comments section or feel free to PM or e-mail me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks everyone! A big, huge thanks to [ profile] paddies for trusting and allowing me to take care of Queer Eyes, [ profile] ohfreckle for her gorgeous work on the layout, and [ profile] url_girl for all the cheerleading, advice, and suggestions all the way. ♥ all you ladies!

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So, how does one become the hottest couple on television? Well, enter! )

You can find all the screencaps for this episode here. I will not object to seeing a thousand icons of this episode displaying their love.

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So, not only are our guys serious, they are also epically awesome in a variety of ways all of which were displayed in the episode that aired on August 26, 2010. It's one for the record book, folks. I've transitioned from my claim of "BOYFRIENDS" to "MARRIED" and let me show you why in the following picspam.


Screencaps by me from smuchshypush's fabulous HD quality videos. I'll link the caps on the last page of picspam. Thanks to my fabulous flist for being fabulous and for keeping Luke and Reid constantly in my head. Special thanks to [ profile] r_me_time for taking a look at some of these images and guiding me in my indecisiveness! ♥

These are all the parts that are pre-Luke/Reid. )

Continue on to part two --->

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I just read three great fics in a row and they're all so satisfying in so many ways. I still haven't been able to leave proper feedback on any of them. I'm too squeed out. I'm squeed out today and the fics have not helped! I have a feeling I will be fandom involved until bedtime. That said, here are the fics:

[ profile] suzvoy: To Know The Difference. Kevin has an unfortunate accident and Reid wants Luke to start writing again and I am such a sucker for Luke wanting to write again and god. God. This absolutely killed me. It killed me in such a powerful way. You have such a way with words and phrases that I can read over and over and over again and never tire of. Absolutely fantastic.

[ profile] rhiannonhero: The Things We Do For Love. Oh man. I just don't know how you do it. I don't know. God, this verse has suddenly become so real for me! I guess your stories tend to do that in my head but I can imagine this whole future life with the three of them -- Luke, Reid, and Ethan. Ethan's heartbreak is so palpable through your words and then we get a happy ending. So, yay! I hope there's more. Is there more? Say there's more.

[ profile] bigboobedcanuck: Future Tense Part 1 and there's a link to Part 2 at the bottom. Where in the world was I when this came out?! I was home pretty much all day Sunday and I missed this? I don't know how that happened. Well, this one was ... holy geez. Only spoilers for the preview today and man, this so surpassed anything that they can show on television. You tossed in jealous!Luke and annoyed!Reid and then topped it off with a night in a hotel room that made me all twitchy. It's exactly what Luke will be WHEN that happens. When. In my head? It's already happened.

Anything these three write? It's pretty much canon to me. That also goes to [ profile] newssodark and [ profile] mech_bull. All canon. I love that fic can pretty much fix anything in canon. It pretty much leaves me happy most of the time. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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I can't believe it's been five years! It's hitting my nostalgic button pretty hard, you guys. Five years ago today (except it was August 7th) was the very last episode of Queer as Folk. I just moved in to my new apartment and made sure that I had cable so I could watch it and the Goodbye Special. My friend [ profile] scifi_addict was a witness to the insanity that was my state of mind.

I don't know what I would've done without this show. I really don't. It's seven years later and I'm still using this journal, making new friends, getting into new fandoms, but I'll always come back to Queer as Folk.

How about we all share one memory from the show that's made us happy? It could be a quote, a picture, a moment in the show, a memory that you share with a friend while watching the show, memories of the signings, the Paley Festival, the Babylon Tours, etc.

I remember being on the phone with my best friend and we used to talk for hours and hours. Pretty much every day we'd recite a line to each other and it would crack us up. I remember one day in particular where ... I think the new clips came out on sandstorm's website. Remember the former website? It was plain, black background and it just had the clips on it. Anyway, we started saying Brian and Justin's lines from 406 when they were at Babylon together and making the bet. I don't know why this one sticks out for me but I remember laughing really hard while doing that.

... one more. The DC++ gang. I don't think I have anyone remaining from there on my flist. Do I? That was fun. I got into Latter Days that way and the Bel Ami boys (ha). A lot of people had some really great things to share.

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This post hit my nostalgia button.

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I'm feeling better about yesterday's Lure thanks to the wonderful members of [ profile] lure_atwt. Stories, videos, gifs? They all work.

Now that there's a bit of a Lure break until Thursday, let's discuss this brand spanking new CowLip interview that has randomly popped up out of nowhere. Now that I've had a little time to digest it all, I can happily say, what are they on and can I have some of it?

What is this "of course Brian and Justin are together"? There was never an of course. I think that they made a very strong effort for there not to be an of course. I remember the talk at the convention. Who was there? Postoff? There was quite the ruckus there. I remember the lack of communication between various writers and the creators of the show and the cast. I remember the joy I felt when I heard that Brian and Justin were getting married and it wasn't because I thought that their marriage would bond them together forever. I already felt like they were together forever but at least we'd get to see them have a happy ending, see them together to the end. Is that what happened? No.

I remember how pissed off I was to see Justin just disappearing like that and Brian bouncing around like a club boy, giving me the impression that -- no -- he never grew up and there he is dancing without Justin.

In case you need quotes from 2005 from both CowLip and Postoff, you can find it here in [ profile] gaedhal's journal.

I mean, it's nice for them to think that that was their intention but it didn't seem like it was then. It's what they think it is now and personally, I just think that they're trying to appease people five years later. Most old fandom doesn't care about this now but they cared about it then and people who only watched through DVDs and caught up with the show later will probably accept these answers.

Sooooooooooooooooo sigh.

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According to, Buffy aired exactly 13 years ago yesterday (March 10)! Isn't that incredible? It's making me feel like a million years old. I know that I have Buffy fans on my flist so it's time to share your story. How did you discover Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

My story? I've always had a fascination with vampires. I watched a lot of vampire movies when I was a kid. I had the premium channels when I was younger so I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie when I was maybe 9. When I found out that there was going to be a television show? I WAS ALL OVER IT.

I was 12 years old and it was the end of 6th grade. I turned on the WB, was hanging out on my bottom bunk, and there it was in all Buffy glory. It only took one episode and I was hooked. I watched that show from the beginning when I was in 6th grade until the night before my high school graduation when I was 18. It's one of those shows that absolutely changed my life and thanks to the man JW for bringing it to life.

I'm listing this as one of my "Favorite Television Show Series" posts. It's a new series I'm doing to keep track of the ridiculous number of television shows that fascinate me. But, who knows when I'll be able to post the first real post of that. I have a million projects going for this wonderful little online world of ours.

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I need a new default icon. I've had this same one since this movie came out. I think that was five years ago already. It's time for a change. I like this icon because if you're not in this fandom then you don't really know what it is. If you are in fandom, then of course you know what it is. I am open to changing it to the following:

• Queer as Folk
• Gale Harold
• Randy Harrison
• Oz
• Six Feet Under
• Stock: Theater, Hollywood, Films, etc.
• Broadway

So, icon suggestions! Post them in comments. Link or image link, please. Will sell what's left of my soul for help. Will also die from happiness if any of the following people made me a new one: [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] sodoesrachael, [ profile] rinmonsterer, [ profile] sakesushimaki ... just FYI. :)

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It's almost *squints* 5 am. I had a technical snafu but all is well and the messages made it! I just wanted to thank everyone who participated this year and sent in their messages. It's all of you that make this project and I believe that it's worth doing. It makes me happy to see that this fandom is still continuing on years after the show's been over and I'm always happy to do projects like these.

Extra thanks always to [ profile] severina2001 who started this little tradition for our fandom. Thank you to everyone who posted reminders about this in their journals and spread the news around. I'll have the official tally up for you in the morning to see how many names were mentioned. Again, I'm using an icon from the talented [ profile] friday82. I think that's about it and my apologies if I'm missing anyone! Please let me know if there's a problem with any of the messages and I'll have that fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks again, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

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