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- I'd just like to talk about things I am currently obsessed with. I am obsessed with the show Looking. Seriously, why aren't more people watching this? Well, many criticisms I've heard about the show is that it's slow and I beg to differ. I think the first season was really about establishing and developing these set of characters in an intimate way. The director, Andrew Haigh, has this way of filming the characters so you're really within their space and it develops an intimacy that you don't see in other television shows. Andrew Haigh directed one of the best movies I've ever seen, Weekend, and he brings the same aesthetic to Looking.

I love television shows and movies and theater that really focus on subtlety -- particularly subtle acting. Looking provides a plethora of that and I constantly roll around in it and am usually desperate for more. There are moments I catch with each rewatch that I never notice the first time, acting decisions the actors make that would go unnoticed if you weren't really looking for them. Those choices can really change the nuance of a scene -- a hitch in their voice, the blink of their eyes, their choices in movement. I am obsessed with it. Obsessed.

I have so many feels, you guys. )


Do you realize that if you put "Looking" in a tumblr search, it is very, very rare you will actually find what you're looking for. Just saying. Ugh.

- What else have I been up to? Well, photos that I took back in August have finally been published in the online magazine they were meant for. If anyone wants to check it out, they're here:

I got to interview one of my favorite musicians, ever, Jay Brannan. Yes, I have spoken about him once or twice in here. (Understatement). He is one of my favorite people in the universe and he let me photograph one of his shows. It was a ton of fun. I also got to do a photoshoot with actress Jena Sims and it turned out beautifully, I think.

- I got to see Randy twice in Amadeus. That's such a great play and Randy was great in it.

- I saw Pippin twice and I want to see it a billion more times.

- I got sick for a trillion weeks. I'm still sick. Going to the doctor this week to figure out what the hell is going on with me. This is the first time I've ever lost my voice and it sucks. I talk a lot so these past few weeks have not been fun at all, actually.

- I saw Jordan Knight and Nick Carter and it was one of the most fun shows, ever. They did this '90s medley that made me unbelievably happy. Unfortunately, I relapsed into illness the following day but I gotta say, the concert was so worth it. Ha.

- I saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame and I'm going to go see it again in December.

- I've already bought my tickets to see Newsies on tour next year. Twice.

And I think that's it! You're all caught up.

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I honestly cannot remember the first time I saw an episode of Boy Meets World. I feel like I've always known of it and it's always been in my life. I started my strong teen idol crush years in 1994 around the time of Man of the House with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. So I'll say I started regularly watching Boy Meets World in 1994. They were kids in school going through the joys and challenge you experience as a child and I could certainly relate to that feeling. But I can't say I cut my hair to prove I wasn't vain about my appearance! (shoutout to Topanga circa late-90s)

I grew up with that show. By the time it ended, I was still in high school but they certainly filled me with expectations I would never be able to fulfill because how perfect were Cory and Topanga? How could you ever find a buddy like Shawn or a brother like Eric? I wanted to be their friend and it felt like I was. I knew their lives, I knew what they had gone through, and I really was there every step of the way.

I didn't really know what to expect from Girl Meets World. I was unsure about the decision to take a beloved show and give those characters new lives. It's been done and it's been done successfully. The recent successful reboot of Dallas is an example of that. But, admittedly, it's a different world. Boy Meets World was filmed as a sitcom during the age of sitcoms. You watch television and it was littered with sitcoms and laugh tracks -- over-the-top reactions captured from a microphone above your head. It was the norm. Today's television sitcom gravitates toward the more of the single-cam perspective rather than multi-camera. The most popular sitcoms of the modern era are your Modern Familys and documentary-style shows like The Office.

That's not to say that television doesn't stop trying to continue the legacy of the multi-camera sitcom through shows like Girl Meets World.

After waiting in line, we're escorted into the building that looks like any other television show created for an audience -- there were three main sets configured for tonight's taping: Riley's (Cory and Topanga's daughter) bedroom on the far left, the Matthews living room/kitchen area in the center, and the classroom set-up on the far right (not used tonight or anywhere throughout the episode).

The audience was mainly comprised of mostly kids and young teens. The only adults found were in the VIP area and adults escorting their kids. I certainly felt a wee bit out of place as a 28-year-old Boy Meets World fan who grew up in the 90s. I was seated in the third row with a great vantage point of the stage.

Before filming began, we were lucky enough to view the pilot. It's been my experience with new shows (as a regular attendee to I Hate My Teenage Daughter, I saw the pilot EVERY SHOW) that they often show the pilot episode so you have a feel for the show and its characters.

The pilot was fantastic. I can completely believe Cory as a History teacher at his daughter's school. I admit, it threw me for a loop. Even now, I'm only used to seeing Cory in the classroom being taught by Mr. Feeny with Shawn behind him and Topanga seated in front. My brain was trying to adjust to seeing him from an adult's perspective. It's a new Cory Matthews. It's the story of a boy who grew up, met the world, and was now living in it. Not that the Cory Matthews we knew and loved is gone but the story is no longer his -- it's his daughter's. He's merely a player and she takes center stage.

I won't give away the pilot but I will say it's not a Hannah Montana. She's not a secret superstar parading around as a "normal" teenager. What's different about our generation and the new are television shows geared to make kids appear more mature than they are. In my shows, kids were kids. They did stupid goofy things that made absolutely no sense. As they grew, that's when they involved themselves in deeper, darker topics like sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. And watching the pilot episode, I'd say that it was geared for this new generation that deals with a completely different set of rules from the ones I grew up with.

But the pilot was only one episode and I continued to have an open mind to see what tonight's episode held.

Michael Jacobs, creator of the show (CREATOR OF MY CHILDHOOD), introduced the cast. He introduced every cast member and then surprised the hell out of me when he introduced Rider Strong and Will Friedle. Though they lined up with the rest of the cast, they didn't make an appearance on today's episode and their future is still unknown on this show. But it was incredible to see them there supporting their friends... and I may or may not have reacted like a 12-year-old as soon as I saw them. I might've gone into a fit of inner hysteria when Ben and Will hugged LIKE THE BROTHERS THEY WILL ALWAYS BE. (And bonus Maitland Ward showed up about halfway through filming!)

They filmed six scenes in front of an audience with large portions of the episode pre-filmed for us to watch. I imagine that the short filming schedule (about three hours) has a lot to do with union rules for the child actors on set. I'm used to such long filming schedules -- Will and Grace, I Hate My Teenage Daughter -- that I wasn't prepared for it to end so soon! But what I did saw was satisfying.

The majority of the episode revolved around the two kids. Cory and Topanga have another child, a son, played by an adorable, rambunctious, and talented 6-year-old who held his own among the teenagers and adults he performed with. It really hammered home that Cory and Topanga had been married for years and this was their new normal. As an older fan, it takes a bit of getting used to. For example. Feeny's no longer next door. They're living in a really nice apartment in New York. They take the subway! It's a different world with new challenges for their kids.

Ben Savage slips back into the role of Cory Matthews with plenty of ease. You look at him and you see Cory. You see Cory's mannerisms, his unique facial expressions, and the way he delivers a joke. Danielle's a little less goofy as Topanga and a lot more grown up and admittedly, it's a bit jarring, at first. Again, I feel like it's just because I'm faced with my own age slapping me right in the face. I'm no longer watching them as kids and I'm no longer a kid. Right? Jarring. But the family works well together. Cory and Topanga are parental and they're just the parents you always thought they'd grow up to be. They're very much the people you imagined they'd grow up to be.

For me, it works so far. The audience sitcom format still has its disadvantages. There will be a lot of canned audience laughter that I hope will work for this show. But it's no reason to turn away. The cast are talented, the show is well-written and tries not to be too heavy handed in terms of life lessons, and I genuinely laughed out loud several times. You know, that gives it the seal of approval, obviously.

I told myself I was only going to go see it once and that'll be it. But seeing Cory and Topanga again and seeing them as adults raising their children? I think I'm already jonesin' for visit number two.

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Obviously, the movie version of the Sound of Music isn't on right now. NBC's "live" version of The Sound of Music is on right now. There are plenty of reasons why this is a fantastic idea. Kids never really had anything like this on television in their generation. I grew up with three essential theater experiences on my television. I love the idea of people becoming exposed to something they've never seen before because it's on a primetime channel and therefore, accessible. I love that theater is getting this kind of coverage and actors and stars like Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti, and Christian Borle are front and center. But, you don't always need a known star to lead a show. This is what we call stunt casting and sometimes it can be a great idea and sometimes it can be really, really terrible.

I'm going to talk about three live televised theater programs that I used to watch when I was a kid. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of Cinderella.

I watched a lot of television as a kid. )

What were some of your television favorites?

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So that's what I'm going to do.

I don't know when my obsession with food began. I was a pretty skinny kid who got eaten by the person I am today. But food and television always went hand in hand. The episodes I remember or television specials I remember the most are always food-themed. I'll give you a few examples.

I'm a huge I Love Lucy fan. I've been watching the show since I was a kid and three of my favorite episodes were Pioneer Women, The Million-Dollar Idea, and The Freezer. These are just three examples and I'll show you why.

Pioneer Women

Food: This giant loaf of bread.
Most Memorable Scene: The last scene is Lucy taking this giant piece of bread slathered with homemade butter that they churned themselves and Fred, Ricky, Lucy, and Ethel take a giant bite out of it. Never fails to make me want a really great piece of bread.

The Million-Dollar Idea

Food: Salad dressing.
Most Memorable Scene: This scene where they sell the dressing on television never fails to make me want a really, really big salad filled with romaine and croutons and good stuff. I'm not even paying attention to the actual ingredients in this episode. I'm only thinking about my favorite salad dressing and devouring a ton of greens with it.

The Freezer

Food: All. That. Meat.
Most Memorable Scene: It's one line for me. It's one line that does it in this entire episode. At the end, she stuffs all the meat in the furnace to hide it from Ricky. Fred lights it. And Lucy says to bring a big bottle of ketchup down to the basement where they're going to have BBQ. And there's me on my couch imagining the smell of delicious, delicious BBQ.

And moving on from Lucy...

Funny Little Bunnies

Food: Chocolate.

And it goes on and on and on. I can do this all day long but I won't because I'm going to get even hungrier than I am right now. Does food trigger television memories for you, too?

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Did anyone watch American Horror Story this season? I just finished it.

Spoilers. )

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All right, guys. Who loves The Vampire Diaries. Raise your hands like Reid!

*raises hand*

That's right. I spent the entire. weekend. indulging myself in some intriguing television. Where the hell have I been? Although, I see that every episode hangs on a cliffhanger and part of me hates shows like that because you spend the next week just waiting and waiting for the next one. Now I'm on the first episode of Season Two like the rest of you and I'm like ... *waits*

Sigh. This is the sort of television that I wanted to do (still adapting the one I wanna do). This is the kind of drama (sans the actual sex part) that I used to love as a Young Teen. I loved those Fear Street, Christopher Pike series, and this show has that whole feel to it. I also noticed that the colors are really prominent. Thanks Marcos Siega for setting the bar! I was wondering what happened to the really great music video directors once music videos died. They all went to the CW!


Anyone else watching or is in this fandom?


Sep. 1st, 2010 07:49 am
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I don't think I'm watching any new television this season. What shows are you guys watching or which shows do you think are interesting enough to check out? I need recommendations.

Oh and I don't know what this Facebook and Twitter thing is but I'd like to think that we all want to keep LiveJournal to ourselves, right here in our little world so ... no sharing! Kthx.


Aug. 13th, 2010 02:06 pm
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Can only white people win this?

I mean, come on. It's Mad Men.

PS. Welcome Mr. Brad Rowe to the world of talented, talented soap opera actors! God. He's got that ESS sparkle already, haha.

*see icon*

Jun. 3rd, 2010 03:24 pm
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So didn't expect to say that much about it. It just happened. Back to watching Buffy.


May. 26th, 2010 11:25 am
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Glee. )


May. 24th, 2010 12:10 am
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Regardless, this is a show I've been with for 6 years. I never gave up on it and I never stopped watching. I've never really been as emotionally invested in it as I've been in other shows. But, I know that it's because it's been frustrating to watch at times and I needed answers and I never got them. So, it was hard to stick with it but it was still entertaining as hell. I know I'm going to be marathoning this week! Woot!

I love you Lost. I'll miss you.

Now what do I watch?!

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Spoilers abound for all Tuesday shows.


Lost. )

Glee. )

That's all I've got! Just letting you guys know in advance that I'm making a friends cut soon. More on that some other time.

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According to, Buffy aired exactly 13 years ago yesterday (March 10)! Isn't that incredible? It's making me feel like a million years old. I know that I have Buffy fans on my flist so it's time to share your story. How did you discover Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

My story? I've always had a fascination with vampires. I watched a lot of vampire movies when I was a kid. I had the premium channels when I was younger so I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie when I was maybe 9. When I found out that there was going to be a television show? I WAS ALL OVER IT.

I was 12 years old and it was the end of 6th grade. I turned on the WB, was hanging out on my bottom bunk, and there it was in all Buffy glory. It only took one episode and I was hooked. I watched that show from the beginning when I was in 6th grade until the night before my high school graduation when I was 18. It's one of those shows that absolutely changed my life and thanks to the man JW for bringing it to life.

I'm listing this as one of my "Favorite Television Show Series" posts. It's a new series I'm doing to keep track of the ridiculous number of television shows that fascinate me. But, who knows when I'll be able to post the first real post of that. I have a million projects going for this wonderful little online world of ours.

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I have watched Season 5 completely in the past week and now it is time for the Season 6 glory. I can't wait to decorate my journal with some brand spanking new Lost icons! Wtf is going to happen tonight? Who knows! I'm dead to the world from 8-11. I am on West Coast time so the East Coasters are already watching it. They're all watching it RIGHT. NOW. I have to stay away from the internetz. Eee! Okay. Out of the internet from now to 11 PM PST. Come out, come out Losties wherever you are!

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I'm on a roll here. I think that I can go the rest of the week for Halloween. Halloween is the kids holiday. Sure, teenagers and adults dress up even more slutty than they do that night than any other night (and have an excuse to do it) but it is/was a big kids holiday when I was growing up. The trick-or-treaters got fewer and fewer every year. The kids started going out earlier and it got to a point where people would get angry if you're still out at 8 or 9 at night. That's how it was in my neighborhood. But when I was a kid? It really was candy heaven.

Halloween's coming up and I pretty much have an essential childhood list of movies that I watch during this time every year. Maybe that's why I'm regressing. It's the upcoming holiday. I used to love it. I guess I still do. I don't exactly have a reason to hate it. So, let's make that list of Halloween features I watch every year with pictures and maybe some youtube material.

1. Eerie, Indiana: I was the kind of kid who read every book in the RL Stein catalog. I loved Goosebumps, I loved his more "adult" novels, and I especially loved anything from the Fear Street Series. I love horror and stories that are just creepy. Eerie had all of those elements. Even though it was a kids show, there was definitely a very, very dark/realistic elements to their stories. Here are my top five Eerie, Indiana episodes. Thanks youtube!

- The Dead Letter: Starring future Spiderman, Tobey Macguire, was particularly heartbreaking. Tobey's a ghost and all he wants is to deliver a letter to his true love.
- Foreverware: Would you really like to live forever in a Tupperware box? Yeah, these people did.
- Who's Who: Girl who lives in an abusive family can make her drawings come to life! Oh man. I wanted this one to be real. Can you imagine altering your reality just by signing your name at the bottom of a sketch?
- Heart On A Chain: A kid dies, he's an organ donor, and gives his heart to a girl who needs it. The girl is Marshall's first real crush and the boy who died also had a crush on her! Bad times ensue.
The Lost Hour: What happens when you ignore DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME?? THIS happens. Watch it.

2. Disney Channel? It used to be awesome. This was a long, long, long time ago before they started exploiting Miley, Hilary, Lindsay, and others. Disney had a lot of really great original programming designed for kids that really showed kids how to be kids and not to grow up too fast. Sigh. Nostalgia. Anyway! They had a block of movies on every Friday called "Triple Feature Friday" and I still have a tape of one in particular that featured: Canon Movie Tales - Hansel and Gretel, The Worst Witch (with Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry), and of course the ever present Hocus Pocus.

3. Okay I cheated in #2 since there were three movies in there but all highly recommended! Disney Channel also made a great mix of their scariest/fun themed Halloween stories called Disney's Halloween Treat. You can watch the whole thing here. I mean, I'd like to find somebody that WASN'T freaked out by Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia. I mean ... terrifying as a child and even now I don't want to watch it at night. That's for sure.

4. Halloween makes me think of fairy tales. Everyone gets dressed up in costumes like Snow White and Cinderella and I know that that's likely because of the Disney versions of those characters but I don't think about Disney. I think about Faerie Tale Theater.

- Rumpelstiltskin: I don't know how I could pick just a few favorite stories but I'm going to try. This is the very first episode of the series and it stars Shelley Duvall as the Princess who spins gold. It's just fun watching her spin it and then struggle to think of the name Rumpelstiltskin. But, she's a clever one.
- Rapunzel: This is my favorite for one reason only --- radishes. You'll see why. This one stars Shelley Duvall again and a gorgeous Jeff Bridges.
- Cinderella: Jennifer Beals is Cinderella, Eve Arden is the step-mother, and Matthew Broderick is Ferris the Prince. Absolutely gorgeous outfits in this one.
- Snow White: No one plays crazy as well as Vanessa Redgrave and then you get to stare at the gorgeous Elizabeth McGovern as Snow White. This is one of my favorite versions of Snow White. It feels really delicate and Elizabeth plays a wonderful Snow White.
- The Little Mermaid: Sure. I love the Disney version. But this is the most memorable Little Mermaid that I've ever seen. It's just a sad, sad story and that's what I like about it. This one stars Pam Dawber and a handsome and young Treat Williams.
- Hansel and Gretel: I love pretty much all versions of this story but this one and the Canon one are my favorite. Joan Collins plays a bitch of a step-mother/witch and little Ricky Schroder is Hansel. The batter looks so good in this version.

5. What is Halloween without Are You Afraid of the Dark? These still creep me out. I'll admit it. I just like the originals though. It stretched a little out into 1996 but that's where it stops for me. The stories became different, the cast changed, and it was no longer the same show. It was solely Canadian and wasn't aired for an American audience.

- The Tale of the Dream Girl: This one has always been my favorite episode. I loved the brother/sister relationship that the two had in the story. They were friends as well as siblings. The story itself is original and sad but romantic in its way. So, I totally fell in love with the guy in the episode at a young age. Imagine my surprise when that guy popped up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk! Hi Fab. Pretty much the longest television crush I've ever had on anyone, ever. Oh and yes. It was the inspiration for a movie that had the same theme in it. Released in 1996. Starred Bruce Willis. You know.
- The Tale of the Frozen Ghost: There are two things that I hate with a fiery passion when it comes to horror stories. Dead ghost kids and their dead ghostly whispers. It will never fail to freak me out and run crying to Mommy. That said, this episode will always scare me and I don't think that I've watched it since the mid-90s. It guest stars Clarissa Explains It All star Melissa Joan Hart!
- The Tale of the Lonely Ghost: DEAD. SILENT. KID. PLEH. *shudders*
- The Tale of the Prom Queen: I love this story. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED IT. I think it's because I'd describe it the way that I'd describe The Tale of the Dream Girl. This story is sad, original, but also romantic.
- The Tale of the Vacant Lot: Shy girl stumbles upon a tent that sells everything she needs to make her popular. She has no money so the shopkeep takes something else instead. Who didn't want to be the shy girl turned popular girl? But it comes with a price.

I could seriously do this all day or night as it is. Like I said, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid I used to do the trick-or-treating thing, come home, and enjoy all of the above. I did discover one more show that evoked the spirit of the shows and movies that I've listed. Dead Like Me, particularly the last episode of the series, had everything that I wanted in a Halloween special. There are kids, a reflection on childhood, candy, and death. You can watch that here. Hope you enjoyed this one!

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Well, technically Buffy but since it's about Angel and Spike then I'll just say it. I'm doing a James Marsters interview and he said that Angel's all about lines and sophistication and Spike's more working class. Now how ... did that happen? Angel came from the Irish (haha) kind of small town background and Spike came from the upper class kind of crust. His inner circle (or the circle he attempted to include himself in) were all kind of posh and hoity-toity. Did anyone ever explain this? Ever? How did things reverse like that in the future where Spike was the one with the torn jeans and kind of biker personality and Angel was the clean cut one. I suppose it has to do with the good and evil aspect but still, you know.


Sep. 21st, 2009 01:18 pm
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Is anyone even watching Heroes anymore? I'll be watching House.

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I never want Glee to end. I just want to live in a Glee world, singing Glee songs, and be a complete Gleek.

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Top 5 Movie Characters )

Top 5 Brian and Justin Kisses )

Five Favourite Music Videos:

1) Metallica - Enter Sandman: This is more like ... videos that have stuck with me the most. I remember seeing Enter Sandman when I was just a kid and it was so frightening. It reminded me of every nightmare that I've ever had and I couldn't look away!

2) Duran Duran - Come Undone: This video actually reminds me of one of my favorite Faerie Tale Theater stories, The Little Mermaid. Well, the mermaids in the video probably help that right along. I always wondered how long they were able to hold their breath underwater. It's just a fantastic video.

3) Michael Jackson - Thriller: What isn't there to love about Thriller? It's a short story. It's well conceived and executed. It's a great song. I have the Making Of memorized as I watch it and I love thinking about everything involved to create this video. It really was a film and it was a good one.

4) Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (Moonwalker version): I think I've been watching Moonwalker since I was a toddler and I love this version of the song. The video version that aired makes you think and I know who those significant people are now but this is the version I grew up with. During that really strong chorus when he spins around and slams his knees on the ground? Powerful and inspiring. It's such a beautiful song.

5) Janet Jackson - Alright: Had to throw in some Janet because she followed in her brother's footsteps. Janet had a lot of memorable videos but I picked Alright because it was just so much fun! Cab Calloway was in it and it had a lot of vibrant colors. She's in that black suit and just playing around, playing hopscotch, and singing. It's a fantastic video.

Five Favourite Michael Jackson Songs:

1. Man in the Mirror - I think I said it all in the music video part. It's an inspirational song. It's powerful. It's got a great hook to it and whenever I sing along to it or think about it I just see a sea of candles in a large crowd and Michael performing.

2. Keep the Faith - The Dangerous album was my favorite Michael album for a long time and Keep the Faith is one of the songs that made it my favorite. Not only is it inspiring but the beginning is just so simple. It's a simple melody that starts out quietly and then there's that beat that comes in before the chorus and then the choir. It's a song that just gets bigger and better as it goes on.

3. Another Part of Me - I used to see Captain EO a lot when I was a kid. A lot. This song will always remind me of the end where everything in that world is happy and colorful again and full of music!

4. Music and Me - Again, another song from Moonwalker that's always stuck with me. It's so wistful and Michael's young voice is so crystal clear and beautiful. It's always been one of my favorite songs.

5. Dirty Diana - This song is the definitive concert song. I think it describes every groupie experience that I've been part of/seen. It's just one of those songs and I love everything about it.

Five Favourite TV kisses:

1. Buffy - Becoming Part II: The thing to do after a great kiss is to kill your vampire lover and send him straight to hell, right? No matter how many times I see it, I always end up crying like I've never cried for anything before. Absolutely heartbreaking.

2. Angel - You're Welcome: Conversely, I loved Angel/Cordelia. I loved the way that they developed and that last moment of the show is one of the best in television ... ever. Ever.

3. The Office - Casino Night: Jim/Pam's first kiss. Okay, also another heartbreaking moment of forbidden love. It was sweet though and ended appropriately enough.

4. Friends - Ross and Rachel: Don't know the name of this episode but it just couldn't have gone any other way right? A cliched but lovely kiss in the rain.

5. Queer as Folk: Any Brian/Justin kiss. The end.

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For starters today, birthday question. Is it [ profile] lennongirl's birthday? Ani, if it's your birthday today or tomorrow or yesterday, happy birthday! I'm sure that you're doing something awesome over there at home. Hee.

Now in relation to Six Feet Under, as you know or don't know, I had a Six Feet Under marathon recently. I watched the series over a week and will probably be rewatching the episodes in the next few weeks to be able to digest more of it. It really is so poignant and so incredibly well-written and it probably has the best series finale that I've seen, ever. No weird fade to blacks, no last happy scene without knowing about what happened to them in the future. Charmed came close to this but of course not as powerful or insightful.

That said, there are a lot of issues brought up throughout the series but one in particular stood out to me. Lost recaps constantly observe that any time anyone on that show has an issue, it's usually a "Daddy Issue". Six Feet Under wasn't an exception. There was Keith's feelings toward his father. Nathaniel Sr. popped up throughout the entire series and the children analyzed their relationship with him. In Queer as Folk, Brian's father beat him and Michael never knew his father and Justin's dad disowned him.

Why do you think that television shows explore the father dynamic more than the mother dynamic? Is it more powerful to explore the more masculine dynamic? Is it just because fathers do often abandon their children or cause some kind of traumatic experience in childhood that continues to affect that child as an adult?

I'm always thinking about the parental dynamic in Disney movies because the fathers are almost always around and they kill the mothers. In movies that aren't animated, the girl raised by her father (without any siblings or female siblings) always appears as a tomboy because she hasn't had that female exposure. Disney female characters (princesses) seen so in touch with their femininity.

So, why is the paternal dynamic more prevalent in television?


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