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In the midst of vacation excitement, I missed my LJ anniversary! Let us pretend that it's July 11th and I'm posting this then. I've been on LiveJournal for 8 YEARS NOW! That's a good chunk of time. I started this journal when I was a graduating high school senior going to be a freshman in college. Wow. I do not want to look back at those entries but I am glad that they're here. Some friends have been here for ages and some haven't but I'm grateful you're all here now! :D

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Hello there! I neglected to say that I was on hiatus for the week vacationing! Now I've returned and I come back to all of these lovely virtual gifts on my profile page. So, thank you to [ profile] url_girl, [ profile] sodoesrachael, [ profile] mindytindywindy, [ profile] rainbow1907, and [ profile] suzvoy for the yummy chocolates! Nom, nom, nom. I will nosh them slowly so that they last. Thank you so v. much, ladies!


Jul. 6th, 2011 02:09 pm
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Well, thank you so much [ profile] plasticine_star for the lovely virtual gifts! I believe I will have a basket and a smooch. *smooch*

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Let's all pretend this ends a second before the hand thing.


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Thank you to [ profile] rockie2010, [ profile] colorthenight, [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] _alicesprings, [ profile] fansee, [ profile] friday82, [ profile] murgy31, and [ profile] spike7451 for all the epic virtual gifts on my profile! I love them. I love looking at them and reading all the wonderful messages that you guys sent individually. I love them. And thank you to [ profile] url_girl for new virtual headphones gift! I think I will use it for that, yes. Thanks all! ♥

Thank you to [ profile] buzziecat, [ profile] on_the_ground, [ profile] kinwad, and [ profile] rainbow1907 for the PMs! I think that I've responded to all of you. Thank you for the wonderful messages! ♥

Thank you for the individual journal shout outs [ profile] bigboobedcanuck, [ profile] fenwic, [ profile] sandstorm63, [ profile] buzziecat, [ profile] camelhaircoat, [ profile] broadlicnic (special thanks for the EPIC picspam of awesome - is what I like to call it), [ profile] url_girl (THANK YOU FOR MY VERY OWN PRETTY, PRETTY LURE GRAPHIC :D), [ profile] plasticine_star, [ profile] jammer1027, [ profile] shadownyc, and of course everyone who came to party right here! Hee. Had a blast with those messages and will be replying to all.

You guys made my birthday feel super special so thank you so much for that! Apologies if I missed any other journal messages. Feel free to link me. Thanks again everyone!

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Thank you so much for the adorb santa bears [ profile] plasticine_star and [ profile] suzvoy. Still in the Cmas spirit because of them! Suz even provided awesome Ethan and Reid fic within the v-gift. That was a gift by itself! Hope that you're feeling better [ profile] plasticine_star! Thank you for the candy cane [ profile] colorthenight. Did you get my gift? Thanks ladies!

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I have about a million and a half thank yous to distribute but first let me say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and every other denomination or non-domination there is! Hopefully you are all enjoying some kind of nice vacation even if it's just been a day and a half off like me. Hee.

I've been busy at work so I haven't really had a chance to sit down and play around on LJ. I will be doing that tomorrow for sure (if I'm not too busy playing Epic Mickey which is, indeed, EPIC). But, like I said, I have a million and a half thank yous to say here even if I haven't answered you personally (yet) I hope you guys read this.

Thank you so, so v. v. much to my wonderful friends who've left me a v-gift and made my profile just that much prettier: anonymouse (hee) holiday cookies and more holiday cookies from the awesome [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] on_the_ground. Thank you for the v. holiday festival drink, [ profile] ayesakara. It is fabulous, bb! Thank you to [ profile] friday82 for the awesome snowman cookie ... that I wanna eat whenever I look at it, haha. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, bb! Thank you to [ profile] severina2001 for being epically awesome always and for the adorable santa bear! Thank you to [ profile] peggin for the adorb santa bear! He is precious. Last but not least! thank you to my friend [ profile] ohfreckle for the precious festive penguin! He is indeed festive and I heart him and you for it! So many ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ for all of you!

And many ♥'s for all of you for just being here! So grateful to you all for being awesome.

Special, special thanks to [ profile] highd who I definitely owe an e-mail to but thank you so, so, so, SO much for the donation to qafcaps! It was so generous of you to do that and thank you so much for wanting to keep the website up. When the time comes to renew it, I know that I will definitely be using it. It was really such a wonderful thing and I'm so, so grateful for it. Thank you again!

Thank you to [ profile] rockie2010 for thinking of me and making me a Brian and Justin fanclip vid to Michael Jackson's "Give In To Me". I grew up on the Dangerous album so that's one of my favorite songs of all universal. Thank you so, so much!

God, just looking at this list, I know I've been a really spectacularly crappy LJ friend lately, lol. But, on the other hand, you guys have just blown me away that I'm thought of at all so thank you again everyone so much for everything! I love having you guys here and I hope that you're getting some well-deserved rest and presents!

Much love to you all! ♥

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Thank you so much to [ profile] url_girl, [ profile] suzvoy, and [ profile] plasticine_star for the lovely v-gifts! It makes it look like my profile page has so many pretty presents to open on Christmas. ♥

... seriously, I can't believe it's Christmas soon. Just last year I was off for the Philippines in February and I started advertising for the Valentine's Day thing early. Speaking of which, maybe I'll start advertising that on January 1st. That way people have time to submit messages. Anyone looking for something different next year with the Valentine's Day messages or do you want them to just remain messages? Open to suggestions! Keepin' it as is.

EDIT: And to [ profile] peggin! V-gifts are so pretty. Thank you!

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I call CRAZYPANTS on that one. Crazypants. I was 15 when the show came out. So, I didn't watch it when it first premiered. I was too involved in my boy band phase that lasted for a little while. I didn't have time for that many obsessions! But, once my first year of college hit? I was all ready to begin anew.

Well, that's my story. I started watching the show at the tail end of S3 but wanted to watch the whole thing and get caught up. These were the pre-YouTube and pre-downloading days unless you had a fast DSL line. It was 2003 and I had to do things the old fashioned way! I rented the DVDs at Blockbuster in the summer of 2003. I watched everything over and over again, repeated favorite lines, favorite episodes until I felt like I had the whole Season 1 memorized. On to eBay to buy Season 2 for $50. I lost the first auction and got the second one. I had to wait an agonizing two weeks for it since I took a trip up north. When I got back, I watched all 20 episodes over a few days.

Finally, Season 3 came in the form of ripped copies from TV from a very generous person, and I watched those on my computer to get all caught up!

Then, obsession began.

I wasn't as active in 2003 up until the show ended. I was in college and even though I read all the fic, visited all the websites, commented here in LJ, and spoke up every once in a while, I wasn't as involved as I would've liked to have been.

Still, I made some friends here and I'm happy to say that I have most of them still friended and they've friended me back.

Sometimes, I still get a little fanfic/QaF fan starstruck. I'll never forget the first time I came across [ profile] paddies icons and all of her talent and skill. I remember when [ profile] url_girl came on the scene and brought the funny with her doodles and icons (still brings the funny!). I remember freaking out with my Bestie every time that [ profile] sandstorm63 would post a new clip on her site. I remember I was flying to Vancouver to visit the Bestie and someone sent me the scene from 403 early. I remember reading Crisis by [ profile] jane2005 and holding my breath the entire time. I remember reading Forever Changes Everything by [ profile] rhiannonhero over and over and over again because that's how I imagined their future. I remember dying from excitement every time that [ profile] burnitbackwards posted anything new and shiny.

The whole of LJ was just littered with incredible fic on an almost daily basis from '03 to '05. I didn't know how good I had it. There were definitely a list of authors that I kept returning to because I loved anything that they wrote. My nostalgia list pretty much has everyone on it but the most memorable names were people like [ profile] bigboobedcanuck, [ profile] juteux, [ profile] darksylvia, [ profile] lennongirl, [ profile] sparkledark and brosen, [ profile] xhaleslowly, [ profile] ragingpixie, [ profile] severina2001 and twistinside, and others that I know I'm forgetting!

There were INCREDIBLE vidders in fandom! I think we really had some of the best. It was the way that I discovered new tunes, that's for sure. There was Blank Monday's Pillow, Jonatha Brooke's Because I Told You So, Rufus Wainwright's music was used. Choimimi's videos were really something else and had a great use of the music. Aida's never failed to make me cry my eyes out! Defying Gravity will never fail to be one of my faves followed by [ profile] f1renze's Affirmation. Wendy's vids ... I can never watch musical Buffy the same way ever, ever again.

And then there were the fantastic people that came after the show was done! The brilliant [ profile] suzvoy, talented [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] arlad, and so many more!

In other words, I can't believe that it's been 10 years since the first episode of the show, that changed my life, aired. I'm so happy to call you guys friends, that we're all still here years later, and you can definitely always count on me to suck you into my web of nostalgia! I've met such wonderful friends through this little show and I am forever grateful to it for that.

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Thank you to [ profile] jenepherre for the lovely tulip v-gift, [ profile] weirdqafan, [ profile] suzvoy, and [ profile] plasticine_star for Frank's lunchbox! It makes my user info so much better to look at, ha. Really appreciate it, all!

Second. Stolen from somewhere. Who knows where.

Yeah, I've had my journal for seven years. Do any of my old flisters even remember?

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So, how does one become the hottest couple on television? Well, enter! )

You can find all the screencaps for this episode here. I will not object to seeing a thousand icons of this episode displaying their love.

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So, not only are our guys serious, they are also epically awesome in a variety of ways all of which were displayed in the episode that aired on August 26, 2010. It's one for the record book, folks. I've transitioned from my claim of "BOYFRIENDS" to "MARRIED" and let me show you why in the following picspam.


Screencaps by me from smuchshypush's fabulous HD quality videos. I'll link the caps on the last page of picspam. Thanks to my fabulous flist for being fabulous and for keeping Luke and Reid constantly in my head. Special thanks to [ profile] r_me_time for taking a look at some of these images and guiding me in my indecisiveness! ♥

These are all the parts that are pre-Luke/Reid. )

Continue on to part two --->

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Got home a few hours ago and LJ-ing it right now. But, before I forget, it's my seven year LiveJournal anniversary!

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AND! I got two awesome virtual hot dog gifts from [ profile] suzvoy (AHAHAHA! LURE FOREVER) and [ profile] weirdqafan! Thank you so much, ladies! Now I crave hot dog. :)

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In the meantime -- thank yous (late ones) are in order! I wasn't receiving LJ notifications for a little while and not just comments so I didn't realize that there were virtual gifts in my profile! Eee!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] plasticine_star for the lemurs especially the Dr. Oliver lemur! Hee. Thank you anonymous for the awesome, cool sunglasses! They're so pretty. Thank you to [ profile] celeste3028 for the flower and for using my screencaps! Thank you to [ profile] buzziecat for the milk and cookies and hilarious spaces! Omg. I haven't checked this in so long!

I uploaded and archived all of my caps too, FYI. I have yet to put them up on the website. I'm debating whether or not to put a link on the splash page or trying to figure out how to get the page in the gallery. I'm Coppermine dumb. No idea how to use it. Will also sell my soul for a nice theme/layout. I'm completely inept. This is me begging, btw. I know I'm being neglectful because of my all consuming obsession for Lure!

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You know, doing this whole giant screencap project aka, I've discovered things that I've never seen in the series before. Okay, I've only never seen some things in Season Five since I didn't really pay attention to it but check these out! The end of 503 was pretty darn good. Someone needs to make me an icon or a wallpaper (1440x900) or ... yes, icons are very much acceptable. Look at these! Come on. They're good.






Remember I couldn't think of any images for my girls [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] sakesushimaki, [ profile] rinmonsterer, [ profile] sodoesrachael, & [ profile] url_girl? Here it is! They're right here. How can you resist?

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I need a new default icon. I've had this same one since this movie came out. I think that was five years ago already. It's time for a change. I like this icon because if you're not in this fandom then you don't really know what it is. If you are in fandom, then of course you know what it is. I am open to changing it to the following:

• Queer as Folk
• Gale Harold
• Randy Harrison
• Oz
• Six Feet Under
• Stock: Theater, Hollywood, Films, etc.
• Broadway

So, icon suggestions! Post them in comments. Link or image link, please. Will sell what's left of my soul for help. Will also die from happiness if any of the following people made me a new one: [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] sodoesrachael, [ profile] rinmonsterer, [ profile] sakesushimaki ... just FYI. :)

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I wasn't planning on writing an entry until I replied to a few of your comments but it's almost 6 in the morning and I am experiencing jet lag. I really thought that I beat it today since I woke up at 9 in the morning but I promptly fell asleep again at 10:30 and didn't wake up until almost 4. So, I'm thinking it's going to take a little while before I feel sleepy at normal hours again. No matter.

Well, I tried to go back in my LJ entries and I made it to skip 1220 before it told me that I couldn't go back any further. It stopped on February 22, 2010 and I just know that I missed tons and tons of interesting things between February 16-February 22. Here's your mission, friends list: CLUE ME IN! Tell me what I missed. Anything. Everything. Stuff that you may think is irrelevant but I don't think it is. Link me, write me, PM me, comment me, you name it. My curiosity is getting to me. Didn't Gale's play close sometime around there?

But, I will be responding to the entries I saved, reply to birthday posts/gifts/PMs, and trying to clear out my mailbox that appears to be overflowing with unopened e-mails.

Reminder: This is a public post! If you don't want someone to know that you're talking about them behind their back then I recommend that you post that elsewhere. :)

Anddddd, I still have to say that ILU guys, have missed you, and really, really enjoy just being in a room and not feeling like I'm going to have a heat stroke every two seconds. It's quite a refreshing change. ♥

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No, I'm not home yet but I'm almost there. I'm in Korea again waiting for the next flight. I think that it's in another 40 minutes or so. We'll be leaving here around 7 in the evening and arriving in California at 1 in the afternoon. Good times, good times. There are just a few things that I wanted to say in case I don't get around to posting tonight from sheer exhaustion:

1. THANK YOU for all the birthday messages/virtual gifts/PMs/e-mails/posts! I'm going to reply individually but for now it's just one group thank you so much! You guys always make my birthday special when I see those messages posted. I did see all the messages since I read my flist almost daily.

2. Thank you for the replies to any previous posts I made while overseas. They're flist locked since they're personal but I just wanted to say thank you for those. I can always count on you guys! There's no doubt about that.

3. Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] severina2001! Oh, girl. I heart you so much. I don't know what I've done without you all this time, for serious. I'm almost done with Oz but I don't want it to end! I just want it to go on forever ... and it will! Through fics. Yes? Yes. I hope that you have the happiest birthday, EVER! I know that the Ultimate Reunion of All Universal Time will make it a fantastic day. Talk to you when I get back! ♥

4. In conclusion, flist love to the extreme and I can't WAIT to get home!

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[ February 15 - March 2 ]

Well, you guys. It's just about that time. I'm in the final stages of the packing process. I'm getting everything ready to go and the room is just a tornado of clothes and things that I'm bringing and things that I have to clean up. I'm making this post public so everyone knows that I haven't disappeared or anything. I'll lock it up when I get back but please feel free to send me links to any important news/awesome things/personal events and comment them here so I can check them when I come back.

I'm sure that I'm going to have the internet there so I can peak in. But, no regular entries or comments from me. Omg. So internet addicted. :X

We're considering staying an extra week so the above is just an approximate time. Okay all. Stay wonderful! ♥

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Post whatever you want in here. Go nuts.


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