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This is a fandom-based journal and people know what it's like when someone they've liked either in television or movies or music passes away, someone who's meant something to someone in their fandom. I think we've all been through it. Jonathan Brandis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brad Renfro were a few of mine. Paul Walker was someone I had great memories of as a teenager. I know a lot of you watch the Fast and the Furious series. My little cousin had a birthday party up in Valencia and we happened to literally be around the corner from the crash site. I had my camera and decided to go over there to see what was there and this was what I found.

Paul Walker Memorial Site. )

It was a tragedy but it was certainly one that could've been prevented. It was such a small area to go at top speeds. There were a few industrial buildings around but sharp curves and the 15 mph speed limit sign was posted there. There's a 25 mph sign posted around the corner. It was awful to see. They chopped down the tree and the pole's gone. The stump is the one with the coins on top. But people are writing messages all along the street, the trees, any signs in the small area. It was very touching to be there.

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You know, I don't even really care that much about the movies that have been nominated this year but there's just something about Oscar night. I don't know if it's just about tradition for me or the history of the Oscars that does it for me but I get excited about it every year regardless or whether or not I really care. That said, it's all about the people on the red carpet before the show!

- Anna Kendrick. She'll always be the little Broadway star to me. Almost a triple threat, right? First the Tony nomination and now the Oscar nomination. Grammy nom, next?
- Sam Worthington. Added to my list of "people playing Americans". It's a fun little list I've just started in my head. Why does he look so pissed off? Lighten the fuck up. It's Oscar night.
- Maggie and Peter! They've arrived. I know Peter Sarsgaard has hair so ... shaving it? I dunno.

These star people are arriving early 'cause they're scared of the rain. ABC, Channel 7 is baffled.


I'm putting this post on top so I can edit throughout the night.

This is also the first year that I didn't watch the Independent Spirit Awards. Sigh. My soul is crushed. :|

- I can't believe that Jeremy Renner is nominated for an Oscar. It's like when Ryan Gosling was nominated. The dude from The IT Factor is nominated for an Oscar?! Crazy < --- in reference to Jeremy Renner.
- Sarah Jessica Parker. What ... is wrong with her dress? Looks like it should be on some toddler doll or something.

Oscar winners! )


Apr. 4th, 2009 12:52 pm
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Norbert Leo Butz in a Grands commercial? Um, yeah. I was just surprised.
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Billy Crudup is so awesome and funny and adorable? Why wasn't I immediately informed? I mean, guh.


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