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All right, I was having a very lively discussion with my friends and we started getting into our fandom origin stories. I want to know your fandom origin stories. What was the fandom that got you into fandom? When did you start discovering fic? Discussions? Did you become involved in a message board? Were you on a ListServ? Was the Internet around when you were in the beginning stages? I want to know everything. Go on. I'm waiting.

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Is there a difference between Gale fangirls and Randy fangirls? Discuss.


Aug. 1st, 2009 02:08 pm
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Randy gone and done some more karaoke! I'm calling him hobo!Randy from now on.

Um, I'm also gonna go ahead and pretend that that's a Milwaukee Magazine shirt that he stole from his ex-boyfriend. I also may not be pretending that and that may be true. Who knows!

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Uh huh, RandyMcActorpants showed up Friday night at Joe's Pub and I'm so proud of fandom for representin' and coming back with goodies! So proud. Sniff. It reminds me of the Wicked days and I think Tracee and Gina must've seen it a million and one times to come back with so many reviews and those sound clips where we heard him sing. And it was good my friends. Oh, it was good.

But, I'll get to him later.

This Is Our Youth, play review. )

Oh, Randypants. I will never listen to that song the same way ever again. And as if I needed MORE of a reason to completely make fun of Total Eclipse of the Heart (Loretto circa 2002, haha) he gives me that reason! In conclusion, I love Randy and I love him even more when he's being all goofy and singing his little munchkin heart out.

I can't believe I was so calm about this appearance. You guys don't even want me to link back to my all squeed out "I just heard Randy Harrison sing" post back in 2004. You just don't.

Also in other news? I lost all of those prop auctions on ebay today! *stabz something*

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I was at the stores this weekend and heard "Never" playing over the speakers at Payless and was channel surfing and heard the intro to the Biggest Loser which is "Proud" and then changed to the dance station and heard "At the End". So I thought to myself, "Aimee, this is a sign. Get started on those nostalgia posts again!"

Since my pep talk to myself I've been gathering more fic, more memories and hopefully those can be posted consecutively. I definitely have the nostalgia bug in full force.

Now that I have your attention with that - someone has to film Randy at Joe's Pub. I mean, really. Joe's Pub, the mecca of Broadway's biggest and brightest! Okay, maybe not the BIGGEST Broadway stars but they're almost always adorable and talented and in every Broadway show that I want to see so we all already know that Joe's Pub is great. Not only is it great but feel free to film there!

Oh, you need to know how to do that? Grab your digital camera and GO! Need examples of how to film at Joe's Pub? Here are various examples.

Cut because sometimes embedded videos are large. )

See? It's possible. Don't think it's not. Especially since he's just doing a scene. It's possible. Anything is possible. < / imitation of every optimistic movie I've ever seen >

Also, the Jason Mraz store charged two shirts to my card instead of just one. :| I e-mailed them. Hopefully they get back to me. I've heard there are problems with that store and most band merch sites. Why do they have to charge an arm and a leg for shipping, seriously? Unnecessary.
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I'm gonna go ahead and say it, it's really weird seeing Erin Daniels at the L Word/Queer as Folk convention thing. I used to like th L Word. I'm just watching it now because I began the show but I have no interest or emotional connection to it. I'm pretty sure that that died when Dana died. So, seeing her appear at the convention is strange and even more strange that it's Dana and Tina up there with Justin Taylor. Fucking Twilight Zone people. Twilight Zone.

I'm glad that reports are coming through and so are photographs! Um, keep 'em coming! I really have no other comment for any of them except *ded* because that's how I feel after watching a video or seeing a photograph. I really do love him lots.

In other news, yes, it is election day and I've been ridiculously excited and anxious for it. I wasn't as invested or involved in the last campaign but I did go all out for Kerry. I had that Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker, I was actively listening to what he was saying and I was so, so disappointed when he lost. I'm an Obama voter but I think that first and foremost I'm a voter. Period.

I think of the election in South Park style. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I'm just very, very glad about this time in our history and I'm completely thrilled to be part of it.

WHAT'S UP OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA? LOOK OUT FOR CALIFORNIA, OREGON AND WASHINGTON! We're coming to help you out! God, I can't wait for the announcement. I think that I may cry.

Now I'm anxious about Prop 8 still. I'll probably update this again.

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It is one Mr. Harrison's birthday today. Man doesn't look a day over twenty but he is now in his early thirties. Well, we're all still anticipating the multiple (NUMEROUS) convention reports from Paris. I'm giving everyone a day to come back from the convention and then I want to see nothing but posts with details. Everyone with me? Because back in the day, fandom did not fail. They had pictures, video, and extensive reports. Come on folks.

Um, in other news. Remember how I took my computer in for a repair just a couple of months ago? Well, guess what? I was using my laptop this morning as I usually do, sent my cousin an e-mail and then it shut down on me. It just shut down. There was no notice. I wasn't expecting it to happen and that caused me to go into complete panic mode.

I called Apple Support to get some help and after I got through with their troubleshoot techniques (that failed) their suggestion was to go to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store. Since it is the weekend I didn't have much hope that they were going to have an appointment time for today or even tomorrow but I had to try. The Apple Care representative didn't have any available times so I just decided to go to the mall to go try my luck.

The entire mall was closed when I got there but I waited about twenty minutes in front of the Apple store and they opened the doors. I bum rushed to the Genius Bar and of course, no appointment, no help. I looked sad, pathetic, saying that I've only had my laptop for a year (and indeed, I have) and just got it repaired last month so one of the store representatives tried his troubleshooting technique. Again, nothing.

I thought that they were going to send me on my way but thankfully, he got someone at the Genius Bar to help me since there was no one else there but me. I'm probably going to have to pay to save the data that I haven't saved before but the point is, without a Genius Bar appointment I managed to get some help and now my laptop is in for its second repair in the past couple of months.

Makes me feel really anxious since I really do love Apple. I love it. It's aesthetically pleasing, it's easy to use, it has every program that I could ever want, really helps with video editing, has amazing graphics, and there are no viruses. But, I've only had it for a year and it's already gone through two major repairs? Not only is that a complete downgrade but it's completely aggravating.

Aside from that, Jason Mraz review from last night coming right up! Maybe I'll post it tomorrow since that'll be nablopomo day three.


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